25 Famous People In A (Way) Different Light

It's one thing to watch a movie and not recognize a famous celebrity under pounds of makeup. It's another thing entirely when they look all normal and crap.
25 Famous People In A (Way) Different Light

Celebrities spend a lot of time cultivating a look. Branding is important, or at least that's that marketing department sent around in a memo last week. We think, anyway, we…uh…definitely opened that email. 

Anyway, it's one thing to watch a movie and not recognize a famous celebrity under pounds of makeup. It's another thing entirely when they walk around looking like the rest of us normies and they look entirely different to what you're used to seeing. Movies aren't real, our therapists keep insisting as we talk loudly over them. But they're right! Trust us, Elvira or a pre-beard Che Guevara might be hot enough to get noticed at parties, but not turn heads the way their famous alter-egos do.

Our readers compiled a list of famous people whose names conjure up a perfect mental image in your head, and yet don't look a thing like that. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Who is this handsome young actor? Zach Galifianakis Without his beard. CRACKEDGOM
Groucho Marx
Chuck Norris without his beard
Queen Elizabeth L 4 during WW.2
This 1972 photo shows two dirty hippies named Erick Purkhiser and Kristy Wallace. Don't worry--the became cool several years later when they changed t
CRACKED.CONT Actress Cassandra Peterson is a former Las Vegas showgirl who dated Elvis and performed with the famous improvisational comedy group. The
CRACKED COM Winston Churchill didn't always look like this. In his youth, he was a fairly handsome cavalry officer.
George O'DoWd C 1983 C 2009 C 20B
Who is that? An actor from the 40s? An early male model? Zachary Quinto's dad? Actually... You're looking at a young Che Guevara CRACKED COMT
CRACKEDCON Be Jeremy Bulloch the original Boba
CRACKED COM et' Mae Westwithout Hollywood glam
Quick, name the woman below who, in the early 90's, rapped her way to #1 on the Australiang British, New Zealand & Norwegian music charts, going gold
Perhaps the most ...actually looked recognizable face like this. in film history... CRACKEDcO
Financial mogul J.P. Morgan had a disfiguring condition called Rhinophyma, resulting in a purple, swolen & deformed nose. All official pictures had be
Just a couple of regular dudes. You see guys. like these all the time. Everywhere. All around the world. aoof Arsundhe worid around the world. worid e
This beauteous babe CRACKEDCON who worked as a fashion model in her college days is now MARTHA the homemaker empress STEWART everyday
CRACKEDcO COM AM Pauley Perrette, Abby Sciuto on NCIS, is a natural blonde.
CRACKED cO Recognize this guy? He's only one of the most famous people in American history! OF THE UNED PRESENT THE OF SLVIS The only photograph of [
CRACKED.COM This, ladies ond gentlemen, is Stefani Joanne Angelina Ger- manotta, but you might know her better as Apy GAGA
This young marine look at all familiar? No, he doesn't? It's Drew Carey!
You have to know that Phil Spector wears a wig, ight? AP Imean, he couldnstl prison, but yeah CRACKEDCON
CRACKEDCO James Dean in ballet class : another side of rebel a without a cause.
This is a clean cut 80's comedian from Nebraska named Daniel Lawrence Whitney. Don't recognize him? You probably know him better as Larry the Cable Gu
Fidel Castro before the beard
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