Your 18 Best 'I Met A Celebrity' Stories

No celebrity will ever meet the bar that Andrew WK raised.
Your 18 Best 'I Met A Celebrity' Stories

It's very likely we've all had momentary brushes with celebrities. Meeting eyes with Ludacris as you both grab your food orders. Seeing Jason Statham in the supermarket and realizing the dude is, like, really short.

But those brief moments are nothing compared to ...

I once collected garbage from a beach with Will Smith and his family. I was on a secluded beach in Antipaxos, Greece when the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
CRAGKEDCON Andrew WK, after his allotted festival signing time had ended, literally stood to one side with a stack of paper and signed a personalized
I once smoked weed with Nickelback. It was after a show in my hometown, before they were famous. CRACKED COM
Richard Stallman (notoriously paranoid programming genius) gave a speech about data privacy at my college. In the speech, he accused all cell phone ow
one rainy day in Manhattan, someone walking very fast. head down. slammed into me before I could get out of the way. It was super-model Christy Turlin
When 1 was 8, I was in St. Louis CRACKEDGOM at my older brother's baseball tournament. During one game, I was playing with a tennis ball until it roll
l met Ansel Elgort while he was on a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was surrounded by Fans at the time. l shouted Okay? (A famous movie line from
CRACKEDGO I got to meet Ronnie James Dio after a concert. The band was joking around, SO I thought I'd be funny and do the bunny ears for my pic wit
Back in the 90s, my friends and I went out for a burrito the day after an Ice Cube concert. We were excited to notice that he was right in front of us
Conan O'Brien visited my elementary school I didn't know who he was at the time, Apparently. but I remember he had him telling us we'd attended think
The best reaction I ever got to having to spell my name for someone was from the late great John Hurt... 2012 2n ltne 8 a hiswh Dows JH: Who should I
My car was once stopped by the secret service as the Dalai Lama crossed the street in front of me. My friends and I rolled down the windows and sang..
When I was 13 I sold Ryan Stiles a Christmas tree. At first I commented on how much he looked like Ryan Stiles, he showed me his ID to prove it was hi
CRACKEDcO A few years ago, some co-workers and I were out to dinner after work only to stumble upon a very drunken Rip Torn just going to town on some
I was cosplaying Mabel Pines at a con, giving stickers to people whose costumes I liked. I saw a guy dressed as George R.R. Martin, slapped sticker a
So I met Matthew Modine back in 2012, way before he played Dr. Brenner in Stranger Things. *Actual picture. When I asked him for a picture he looked a
I met Arnold Schwarzenegger at an exclusive black-tie event while wearing a pair of high-quality cowboy boots. Arnold complimented me on my boots and
CRACKED.COM After a show on Metallica's Justice tour a friend and I hung around the loading area after the show until the band came out. I brought m

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