Your 18 Best 'I Met A Celebrity' Stories

Your 18 Best 'I Met A Celebrity' Stories

It's very likely we've all had momentary brushes with celebrities. Meeting eyes with Ludacris as you both grab your food orders. Seeing Jason Statham in the supermarket and realizing the dude is, like, really short.

But those brief moments are nothing compared to ...

Entry by maluba

Back in the 90s, my friends and I went out for a burrito the day after an Ice Cube concert. We were excited to notice that he was right in front of us

Entry by obraxi

Conan O'Brien visited my elementary school I didn't know who he was at the time, Apparently. but I remember he had him telling us we'd attended think

Entry by maluba

My car was once stopped by the secret service as the Dalai Lama crossed the street in front of me. My friends and I rolled down the windows and sang..

Entry by

CRACKEDcO A few years ago, some co-workers and I were out to dinner after work only to stumble upon a very drunken Rip Torn just going to town on some

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