Put Hollywood To Shame With This Special Effects Bundle

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In the olden days, special effects were accomplished with sleight of hand, visual trickery, creepy puppets, and saying "Look over there!" But technology has dramatically improved, and now we get to fool people using computers instead.

And people are utilizing digital magic in more areas than filmmaking. Special effects careers in video games are more in demand now than ever before. So let's go take a looky-loo at The Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle, which will help you master all the design skills that you need to start a career in Nintendo-ing.

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Video Editing

Cinematic cutscenes have become super common in gaming (as evidenced by this Metal Gear Solid supercut of Snake asking unnecessary questions), and as technology advances, they'll become even more prevalent. You can learn how to become the Orson Welles of the loading screen by editing videos on your own, using programs like SilhouetteFX. You can also use Vegas Pro 13 to create amazing 2D, 3D, and rotoscope effects that give your games that epic A Scanner Darkly feel.


Even when using a preexisting game engine, someone still has to go under the proverbial hood and monkey around with the code. That's why you need a working knowledge of programming languages like C++ and DirectX so you don't accidentally break said code into a million little fun-sized pieces.

Game Engines

Creating a unique code base for each platform is too much work. That's why Unity is such a godsend. It lets you make one game and then push it to 27 different platforms (including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch). It's like having a tiny Dr. Strange who uses a duplication spell, and we'll stop with this metaphor right here before incurring the wrath of the Marvel spoiler gods.

You can learn all of these game design skills with the Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle. This eight-course bundle includes courses on video editing, programming, and game development in Unity. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to level up your existing game design skills, this bundle will help you become the digital effects guru you were born to be.

The Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle normally costs $1,272, but you can get it for whatever price you want.

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And learn how to Make Your Hollywood Dreams A Reality With Final Draft.

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