'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Has An Unexpected 'Frozen' Easter Egg

'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Has An Unexpected 'Frozen' Easter Egg

Reader, are you excited to see a new installment of the Ghostbusters franchise on the big screen for what feels like … the first time in forever?” Does the concept of busting ghosts make you feel good … and want to build a snowman? Do the ghostly cries of Metal Muncher, a new ghost featured in a promotional clip sound so eerily familiar that you can't seem to  … “Let It Go”?  If so, it seems you're not entirely insane – and/or have been effectively conditioned by Disney's marketing overlords. If Metal Muncher, the ghost with a penchant for snacking on fire hydrants and, well, other items made of metal as his name implies does sound like Olaf, it's because he is Olaf – or at least voiced by the same dude. 

Earlier this week, Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman revealed that Josh Gad – a.k.a. the actor behind Arendelle's royal snowman who adorably fails to understand that without Elsa's magic, he'd probably find a Wicked Witch-ian demise as soon as the temperature hits 33 degrees – also lent his acting chops to the other ultra-high-grossing franchise, an appearance that seemingly came about through a chance run-in. 

“Josh and I ran into each other on the Sony lot and I was like, 'Hey, do you want to come voice this ghost?'" Reitman recalled in a recent interview with IGN. "And he was like 'Yes!' And he literally just walked in the room, he started doing sounds,” he continued. "And that is where the sound of Muncher came from."

Shortly after the news hit, Gad confirmed his involvement in the project on social media. “Tis true," he wrote alongside a Tweet discussing his casting. “Happy to be a part of the #Ghostbusters family.”

After all, as we all know, the best families are those that gross millions upon millions upon millions of dollars. 

Top Image: Disney/Sony 

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