Elon Musk and Grimes Announce Split, Surprise Surprise

Elon Musk and Grimes Announce Split, Surprise Surprise

In a twist of events that no one could have possibly ever predicted, Grimes and Elon Musk have officially followed the grand tradition of several other highly-cursed celebrity couples like Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson, Pink and Joey Fatone, and Tom Cruise and Cher, calling it quits after three years together. You heard it here, folks – love is dead. 

On Friday, Tesla CEO Musk confirmed that he and and his long-term partner, pop star and notable communist proposition-er, Grimes, were “semi-separated," citing distance as a catalyst to their breakup. “We are semi-separated but still love each other, see each other frequently and are on great terms," the dogecoin enthusiast told Page Six. “It’s mostly that my work at SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be primarily in Texas or traveling overseas and her work is primarily in LA," he continued, adding that “she’s staying with me now and Baby X is in the adjacent room.”

After first getting together in 2018, the couple has regularly found themselves in the spotlight, making headlines for having beef with one-time pet exhumer, Azealia Banks, a run-in with California law over attempting to name their child, X Æ A-Xii, after an aircraft, and one really terrible Mario-themed SNL appearance, among other fiascos. Their partnership – and Grimes' hypeman TikToks about her man – will be forever missed. 


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