Daniel Radcliffe Is 32, Sorry

Daniel Radcliffe Is 32, Sorry

If your chronic back pain and mortgage-induced stress weren’t enough to make you feel like an absolute geezer in these already difficuly days, here’s another painful reminder of the terrifyingly inevitable passage of time: Daniel Radcliffe – a.k.a the kid who played Harry Potter – is now 32 years old. Much like the fibery Metamucil we now chug on a nightly basis, coming face-to-face with the inescapable loss of youth can be tough to swallow, a reaction the actor says is all-too-common among fans who learn his age during his autocomplete interview with Wired last week.

I recently turned 32,” Radcliffe said when asked about his age. “When I tell people that I am 30, people, they go sort of pale. They look like Inception at the beach at the end when they’ve aged a thousand years. Just like that," he continued. 

Aside from singlehandedly inspiring M. Night Shyamalan's next movie – a horror flick in which people suddenly reach their octogenarian years not by visiting the beach that makes you old, but by hearing Daniel Radcliffe say “I'm 32," – the existential horror surrounding Daniel Radcliffe's age is a testament to how closely the star is still associated with the Harry Potter series, ScreenRant noted. 

Despite the iconic-ness of his wizard-y role, Radcliffe has kept quite busy since his Hogwarts days. After the franchise's final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2 hit theaters in 2011, the actor has kept busy, hitting the big screen in several iconic roles, including an angry, bath-robe clad man with guns for hands in the 2019 flick Guns Akimbo and an extremely fart-y corpse in Swiss Army Man

So, folks, here's to Daniel Radcliffe – bringing a new (and only slightly terrifying) meaning to the 2000's rom-com adage of “30, flirty and thriving.”

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