5 Bizarre Story Changes Created By Breaking Video Games

5 Bizarre Story Changes Created By Breaking Video Games

Remember how the Star Wars prequels feel worse than a 9-hour YouTube loop of Greedo shooting first would? In film, there isn't much you can do if a megalomaniac director wants to insert something dumb into the canon. In games, however, it's sometimes possible to rewrite the story. Players may accidentally break away from the chains of destiny and end up killing characters that should have made it to the end, save doomed ones, or sometimes even pull shit so weird that they get to bask in the chaotic hilarity they've created ...

End the Miller lineage On The Last Of Us Part II

Ever found The Last Of Us 2 not to be dour enough? Probably not, but someone apparently thought they had to murder one of the characters who otherwise would have survived the events of the game. YouTuber Speclizer decided that Tommy's fate of finding out his brother got mauled to death and then barely surviving various beatings and a point-blank shot to the head was not harsh enough. Tommy had to die.

Naughty Dog

And this isn't enough to do the trick.

Tommy is seemingly immortal, probably even Highlander-level immortal. He survives everything thrown at him not just in cutscenes but during gameplay as well. Luckily, this The Last of Us Part 2 monster player either felt like Tommy's survival left too hopeful of a window for future installments or just wanted to put everyone out of their misery. Speclizer discovered that if players are fast enough in a specific moment, a technical oversight allows them to slide under a door and into a room before Tommy closes the door on your face

Naughty Dog

Stupid developers, making scenery that actually works.

After this happens, the game no longer knows what to do with you and just lets you kill Tommy as a prize. 

Naughty Dog

And killing TLOU2 style is never about just killing. You gotta be an asshole about how you go about it.

Naughty Dog

How is he even still alive?! It's as if the game wants to be even crueler than it already is

Naughty Dog


The funniest part is how you can only achieve this when playing as Abby, the character everyone hates for mostly dumb reasons, but also because she's the one who murdered Tommy's brother.

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Accidentally Kill The Big Bads From Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 introduces the character of Nadine Ross, a Black woman so antagonistic that the head honchos at Naughty Dog apparently had to find a white woman to do her voice. When not literally stealing the show, Nadine is the head of a private army and a kick-ass fighter. When players first clash with her, it's on a one-on-one battle where Nathan Fillion Drake, the main character, has a 100% of getting his ass fully charted by Nadine's foot before even landing a single hit

Naughty Dog

Despite Nathan having killed 10,000 people at this point, laughing the whole way

For the second fight, Nathan Drake is joined by his brother, Retcon Drake, and even the duo doesn't fare much better. 

Naughty Dog

They should have made it logical and had Nadine be a teleporting djinn.

... or does it? 

Naughty Dog

2 on 1? Cheater. 

As YouTuber Thomas Corral found out, a scripted move might trigger a glitch which in turn seemingly triggers a fatal stroke in Nadine's brain. 

In case you don't get this rare glitch that'll make you laugh, then curse because you're now stuck; you can keep on playing until the final epic swordfight with the villain and see him collapse from an anti-climax overdose.

While you expect the final battle to end in glory …

Naughty Dog

... you might just witness the poor villain dying from heatstroke as player Mentor Ezio did.

Naughty Dog

He died as he lived. Not being crushed by a pirate chandelier. 

Roll Credits. Or restart the console because you just got stuck forever inside a burning boat.

Saving The Most Important Part Of Reach On Halo Reach

While the name of the game is simply "Halo Reach," any Halo fan could tell you that it's based on the popular Halo novel "The Fall Of Reach," which is less about the season, more about watching an entire human colony getting obliterated by aliens.

Just like every other character in the Noble Team from Halo Reach, Emile is doomed. But there's something special about Emile. Unlike the other Spartans, Emile happens to be so cool he prompted a group of highly skilled players to make it their mission to save Emile no matter what.


Just what could edge-starved teens like about this guy?

And to do it, the unsung heroes at Trickocity had to break reality. This process was such a thing of insanity that it required tricking the game into playing two cutscenes; one where Emile died, the other where he inexplicably came back to life. The new Emile, though alive, wasn't able to walk on his own, so the team went through the trouble of physically pushing the character model of their originally emotionless and now also motionless friend from one side of the map to the other. This couldn't be achieved normally, so they did it via breaking out of bounds and evading cutscene triggers while the world was literally ending around them.

Funnily enough, Emile's character still dies at the end of the ordeal, but his character model is left standing and intact.


And smiling.

Ghost Of Tsushima's Undead Nightmare

Despite not being made by anyone even remotely near Japan, the developers responsible for the hit Ghost Of Tsushima are aware that cutting off someone's head with a samurai sword will result in that person's death. Still, various witnesses claim samurai swords are completely safe, and you kind of gotta hand it to them, as many seemingly certain assassinations …

Sucker Punch Productions

will end up surprising you.

Sucker Punch Productions

Schrodinger's henchman: both dead and capable of impossible rolls

It's such a common occurrence that you really do begin to doubt Katanas' history as a murder weapon. This guy is more worried about his thirst than about his lack of head.

Sucker Punch Productions

Just a flesh wound. 

Some enemies act like they just need to find their heads so they can resume the fight with no vision handicap.

Sucker Punch Productions

And some just go back inside because having no head was the same as being naked in feudal Japan. 

Sucker Punch Productions

Learn your history, kids.

Freeze Your Enemies In Metal Gear Solid V

The Metal Gear Solid series has crazy gadgets as bonkers as old rifles that shoot tornados, an iPod-like thingy that deflects any bullet shot at their wielder, and even arms that store people's souls. Still, nothing beats Metal Gear Solid V's good old ladder.


A source of fear in every game since Half-Life.

You can use it to make players fall from a considerable height and into an unconscious state, sure, but if you wait for them just a foot above the ground, they'll be stupid enough to just descend straight to you, making for a very easy toss. Since you're meant to drop them from much higher, the game won't know what to do with their falling animation. 


So it just doesn't play a fall animation at all.

As soon as you learn to also glitch into walls, you can move to the big leagues and freeze not just one guard …


… but an entire battalion and go from rogue warlord to owner of an exquisite gallery of frozen soldiers.


And before you get all judgmental, we'll remind you that the Military Moulin Rouge above is far from the weirdest thing this series has to offer.

Tiago would love to hear about more weird glitches on his Twitter.

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