Do You Like Sax Music? Bigfoot Sure Does

Do You Like Sax Music? Bigfoot Sure Does

We've all tried our hand at new hobbies during these solitary times. Some of us started making bread, others did two whole sessions of Spanish DuoLingo, while some finally found the courage to pick up a musical instrument without the fear of neighbors bashing down their door. And among these new viral virtuosos is none other than the O.G. isolator, Bigfoot.

If you know where to look on YouTube, you might just be able to spot one of the most mythical musicians on the planet: the sasquatch. Or, as they like to be called, the Saxquatch,  whose big apish fingers squeeze out saxophone covers of hits that are anything but abominable. 

As a "one-beast band," Saxsquatch also performs full forest concerts with nothing more than a music sampler and his mad DJ-skills. 

According to scant interviews, Saxsquatch is part of a larger sasquatch society (which makes them the Music Smurf of cryptids, I suppose) and learned to love jazz through his grandfather, legendary guitarist Gigfoot -- whom you've probably never heard of because you're only getting into the cryptid music scene now that it's big, poser.

Of course, some claim that the Saxsquatch is just a person dressed in a full-body costume with a special mouth attachment to slot in their saxophone. Those people are obviously bitter Bigfoot hunters who can't accept that they couldn't even find Saxsquatch while he's blasting Jon Bon Jovi through the forest.

Someone who did manage to track down Saxsquatch was another faded legend. John Oates (of Hall & fame) has paired up with the savage sax monster to release an EDM version of his iconic hit, Maneater, which sounds exactly as hip and fresh as you'd expect from two people who've barely had any contact with contemporary society.

So what's next for the abominable blowman? After going viral on YouTube several times, Sasquatch's career is taking off like a Jersey Devil. He recently released his debut album, The Missing Mixtape, which has netted rave reviews by everyone from Nessie to Yeti.


Unsurprisingly, Pitchfork wasn't a fan of this monster.

And during the height of the pandemic, Saxsquatch finally left some footprints outside of the forest by hitting the road on his Saxual Healing Tour, one of the first outdoor socially distanced tours. The tour was a massive hit, though there was little publicity about it afterward -- something to do with all the pictures being very blurry and off-center.

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Top Image: Saxsquatch, YouTube





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