On today's episode of scary stories from teachers and students attempting to navigate virtual learning, it seems a professor at a Canadian university may be teaching from beyond the grave, at least according to one of his students. And to think I once thought finals week was the scariest thing to happen at college. Anyways, on Wednesday, Aaron Ansuini who is a student at Concordia University, in Montreal, Quebec, according to his LinkedIn page, took to Twitter to share the spooky revelation that one of his current professors has been dead for more than a year. 

"HI EXCUSE ME, I just found out the prof for this online course I'm taking *died in 2019* and he's technically still giving classes since he's *literally my prof for this course* and I'm learning from lectures recorded before his passing," wrote @AaronLinguini on Wednesday, in a tweet that has garnered more than 226,000 likes. "it's a great class but WHAT."

Welp, I bet that makes for some pretty awkward office hours. Let's hope the bookstore sells ouija boards, it seems Ansuini and his classmates are definitely gonna need them. Yet instead of learning their professor had already passed before embarking on the pre-recorded course, Asuini, whose professional profile says he's a second-year student studying Art Teacher Education, claims he learned of his teacher's death after attempting to send him an email.

"I mean, I guess I technically read texts written by people who’ve passed all the time, but it's the fact that I looked up his email to send him a question and PULLED UP HIS MEMORIAM INSTEAD that just THREW ME OFF A LITTLE," he explained to his more than 25,000 followers. 

Amid jokes about said professor faking his own death to avoid addressing questions that can be answered on the class syllabus ...

... and hiring a paranormal expert to gain a better grip on the course material ...

... Several Twitter users were concerned with the ethical implications of a professor teaching, um, while dead. "Add 'University will use the labor of a dead professor rather than hire someone new to teach the course' to the pile of reasons why many ERCs believe academia is crumbling and we don't have much of a future in it," wrote user @AnneWHilborn "I've seen some skeevy 'cost saving' efforts in academia, but this in next level."

"This is a serious issue for anyone who teaches - or pays to take - recorded online university classes," added self-described history professor, @HelenTilley15 "The uni presumably no longer pays anyone to teach his classes? What, if anything, do they charge students? Did they get his permission? Who helps students w/ material?"

While it seems the answers to those questions may be up for debate, there is one thing that remains true. If you don't like the class, forget about leaving a negative "Rate My Professor" review -- just call Ghostbusters. 

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