TikToker Dunks On Old Gasbag Morrissey With Teeny Bopper Dance to 'There is A Light That Never Goes Out'

TikToker Dunks On Old Gasbag Morrissey With Teeny Bopper Dance to 'There is A Light That Never Goes Out'

Ahh Morrissey. The former frontman of The Smiths, a vocal vegan supremacist, and the curmudgeonly racist grandpa of goth kids everywhere. Despite leading a rock group once named the "most anti-capitalist of bands," the musician seems to have taken a sharp turn to the right somewhere along the way, espousing views that "run contrary to everything that the Smiths ever stood for," as a singer-songwriter, Billy Bragg told the LA Times. Between speaking out against Muslim immigration, defending alleged sexual abusers, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and even referring to Chinese people as a "subspecies", the once-beloved artist has proven himself to be a racist old gasbag, leaving many 80's alternative lovers feeling "betrayed" by his abhorrent statements. 

The latest fan of The Smiths to speak out against Morrissey? A young TikToker by the username of @wormfactory. Last week, the 20-year old decided to take it upon herself to personally irk Morrissey in the most gloriously zoomer way possible -- choreographing and performing a series of high-energy teeny-bopper-y TikTok dances, allegedly aimed at angering the musical fogey himself. "So last night at approximately three in the morning, I thought to myself, 'how can I ruin Morrissey's day?'" the content creator mused in the video, posted on Thursday. "And so I made a TikTok dance to "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

Suddenly, the chorus of the 1986 alternative hit begins to play. Smiling and lip-syncing along, @wormfactory proceeds to precisely perform a series of Charli D'Amelio-inspired moves, alternating between shaking her hips and rolling her hands -- a.k.a the bread and butter of most any popular TikTok dance -- and cheerfully pantomiming the song's morose lyrics. In the five days since its posting, the video has garnered more than 139,400 views and even a copycat executing the choreography on their own page, further dunking on the old gasbag.


After the initial video's popularity, @wormfactory uploaded a new iteration of the dance this week, this time, performing the number in between floating gifs depicting cheeseburgers, a rotisserie chicken, and several strips of bacon. "Day 2 of trying to annoy the sh*t out of moz by doing a tiktok dance," she wrote, referring to the artist by his notably-hated nickname. Nice. 


Yet @wormfactory isn't alone. Over the years, other fans have found ways to express their frustration with the disgraced singer, unfortunately sans a fun (and hopefully soon-to-be-viral) TikTok routine, namely, boycotting and protesting of his live shows. "Under the circumstances, attending Morrissey's concert is a form of financial support and, in effect, an endorsement of his bigotry," Zainab Chaudry the Council on American-Islamic Relations' director of Maryland Outreach told The Baltimore Sun of the artist's 2019 concert. "Therefore, CAIR is calling on fans to boycott the event to protest his racist, hate-filled views and to send a strong message that we expect better from him." Other fans, too, have also demonstrated at Morrissey's live shows, with the artist even ejecting two protesters from his Portland show the following month. 

Come on, Morrissey! Your music was great, why did you have to do this? Ugh. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be spending the next hour learning @wormfacory's routine. Gaining TikTok clout and dunking on an old crab? Sounds like the perfect weekday evening activity. 

To see Carly, a former collegiate dancer who hasn't done any type of legitimate dancing since 2015, attempt to recreate this Morrissey-dunking masterpiece, follow her on TikTok @HuntressThompson_. For more internet nonsense, you can find her on Instagram @HuntressThompson_ and on Twitter @TennesAnyone

Top Image: @wormfactory on TikTok/Shutterstock

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