In the days since the Trump Campaign's viral press conference mixup, Four Seasons Total Landscaping has become more than just the President's venue of choice to broadcast Borat 2 star, Rudy Giuliani's speeches on baseless allegations of election misconduct. A digital rendering of the Philadelphia-based lawn care company is now the hottest hangout for VR Furries, on the multiplayer platform, VRChat, according to The Verge

On Monday, YouTuber Coopertom rendered the iconic location onto the online game, where he and several other digital fursuit-clad users flocked to the business. Described only as "a great place to hold a press conference," the location comes complete with a podium, speakers, and signs that say "Dump 2020."


Since the location first went live, it received a largely positive response with users complimenting Coopertom's attention to detail, "You even have stuff behind the windows! You even went that far with the detail!" exclaimed one user, to laughter. "This is some half-life nonsense." added another. "Ok, man, I've got to hand it to you, this is pretty impressive," another user chimed in. 

Even with this attention to detail, the location is still a work in progress. Although at first, the backdrop held true to the original facade, complete with POTUS' surname, Coopertom said he felt compelled to change "Trump" to "Dump," as he "couldn't stand" the sight of it.

Furthermore, the crematorium and sex shop are apparently a "work in progress" -- after all, what would be a Four Seasons Landscaping Conference without the neighboring businesses adding to the ambiance?

Moral of the story? Be mindful of your press conference venues, lest your mistake be immortalized by digital furries, aka the heroes of our time.

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