'Gravity Falls' Star Prank Calls Trump Voter Fraud Hotline In Character


Although the 2020 presidential race may be decided, the Trump Administration is still (baselessly) alleging that voter fraud swung the election in Joe Biden's favor. So much so, that they set up a hotline in an attempt to back up their claims. 

"#STOPtheSTEAL Tell us what you are seeing. Report a case: http://djt45.co/stopfraud Call: (888) 503-3526" Borat 2's Rudy Giuliani tweeted last week. 

Now you're probably wondering, who, exactly calls this number, especially nearly a week following the election. While we don't have the hotline's entire data, Gravity Falls creator and star, Alex Hirsch, is among the boys blowing up their phone, prank calling the number as some of his iconic characters. 

"Hey look a NEW number! You guys *definitely* shouldn’t prank call 800-895-4152. The Trump family is very dedicated to (reads notes) integrity and ... (checks note again) fairness and ... (laughs until I pass out)." He wrote. "Please everyone it’s very important that we treat the Trump family with the same level of respect they’ve shown us"

Soon after, he posted a voice clip of himself, describing an incident of famed McDonald's cartoon thief, the Hamburgular, tampering with the 2020 election. 

"Okay yes, I saw what I believe is a voter fraud situation?" he explained to the operator. "Um so I saw a man uh, he walked into this, this building uh, and he was wearing uh, black, he had a, uh, black hat, black mask, a striped shirt, and a, uh, red tie, and um, I believe there were hamburgers in his bag, and he was saying 'robble robble' as he was exiting the building, like a burglar. You know, I think he's probably Antifa. Can I speak to Rudy Giuliani?"

She then promptly hung up. I guess you could say the operator, unlike the McDonald's mascot, was not lovin' it. At least the election is finally over, I guess? Happy Monday, folks!

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