Eagle-Eyed Fans Catch Mistake In Monster Hunter Poster


Well, folks, it turns out whoever designed the poster for the new Monster Hunter film doesn't actually know how to hunt monsters effectively. According to video game news outlet Kotaku, fans around the globe had some questionable reactions to a new poster featuring actress Milla Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis, wielding two flaming swords as a massive monster looms behind her. 

Although on the surface, the image may look certifiably badass, hitting every action fantasy-film trope from flaming weapons, to a gorgeous woman, to a massive CGI monster, it turns out there's a pretty major issue at play. Diablos, the type of creature that appears in the poster, is immune to fire. In other words, Jovovich is kind of screwed, meaning the poster either leaks a massive spoiler or is just factually wrong. Oof, all I can say is oof. Needless to say, fans were not very happy with this oversight. 

"Imagine a movie in which Superman goes rogue and they show Batman coming in and fighting him with a yellow sunlight gun instead of kryptonite," wrote Twitter user @Xyless in response to an image he previously shared outlining the monster's stats. "That’s how dumb this is."

 "Seriously. Fire dual blades with Diablos," added another user named @tcblack. "You guys need to do 4 seconds of research,"

Yet the magnitude of this snafu extends well beyond language barriers -- according to My Game News Flash, fans in Japan also took to Twitter to express their discontent with the film's new marketing materials. "I saw the poster of the movie 'Monster Hunter,'" wrote user @nagamasa_san, (at least according to Google Translate). "Fire weapons do not work for Diablos ..." 

Once again, all I can say is oof. Moral of the story? If you're designing a poster for a film adaption of a monster-based video game, check the stats of any monster you want to include, lest you become the monster yourself. 

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