Adopting A Puppy In Quarantine

Adopting A Puppy In Quarantine

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Right about now, you're probably getting real sick of walking past so many fantastic dogs during your daily allotted hour of outside time and not being allowed to give any of them the pets they so richly deserved. Have you considered getting one of your own? Lots of people have! That's great for everyone: the puppies who get to go to a new home, the people who get to play with new puppies, and the furniture that gets to bask in the aroma of urine, fur, and drool. Wait, no, that's definitely bad for the furniture.

Right: Puppies and dogs need house and obedience training. You're not going to get that while in quarantine, so check out The Complete Guide to Puppy & Dog Training Bundle instead.

The first few weeks of training are tough, especially when you can't really go anywhere or socialize your new dog. Fortunately, in this 12-hour guide, dog expert and star of the BBC's Britain's Most Embarrassing Pets Sharon Bolt shows you how to resolve all of your doggie dilemmas. You'll learn how to get Billy Corgi to accept the leash, train him to stop barking, give him a healthy diet, and much more. There's even a course on how you can become a dog trainer professionally, too, if you'd rather drown in puppies than be chained to a computer for some reason.

Don't adopt without a training plan. The Complete Guide to Puppy & Dog Training Bundle has you covered for just $29.99.

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