Mo’Nique Heats Up Her Oprah Feud With Brand New Burns

Mo'Nique unleashed on her old foe and former friend during a stop on her tour with Katt Williams
Mo’Nique Heats Up Her Oprah Feud With Brand New Burns

Mo’Nique’s tour with Katt Williams is going exactly as we expected.

The Academy Award-winning actress and stand-up comedian is nothing if not audacious when it comes to her public comments about the powers that be in the entertainment industry. Six years ago, Mo’Nique sued Netflix over alleged pay discrimination and publicly campaigned for fair wages for Black women in comedy – then, she struck a deal with the streamer to make the special My Name is Mo’Nique last year. For the past fourteen years, Mo’Nique has been publicly feuding with filmmaker Lee Daniels, comedy mega-mogul Tyler Perry and, of course, Oprah Winfrey after the Precious actress refused to do the arduous and extensive press campaign expected of Academy Award nominees on their way to Oscar gold – then she won the Oscar anyway.

For years, Mo’Nique has been fighting the power and winning, which makes her the perfect opener for the perpetually bellicose Williams on his current tour, Dark Matter. During a recent stop in Nashville, Mo’Nique reminded the world just how much anger she has towards the producers of Precious as she led a Tennessee crowd in chants of “Fuck you, Oprah Winfrey!” and “Fuck you, Tyler Perry!” while dropping copious racial slurs that can’t be transcribed here.

Mo’Nique has repeatedly accused Oprah, Daniels and Perry of “blackballing” her from the entertainment industry over the 2010 fallout, and her anger towards Oprah came to a head at this recent tour stop as she lobbed slurs and accusations against her old collaborator in front of a rowdy crowd. "I'm too motherfucking old to be scared of this bitch. I'm too old to be intimidated by this bitch. I'm too old to hold the motherfucking truth," Mo’Nique declared.

Among other more unrepeatable insults she directed towards Oprah, Mo’Nique called the media mogul a “simple-minded mother fucker” and a “raggedy bitch” while declaring that, despite her incendiary rhetoric, she deeply loves Oprah and just wants to “bring her back to Black.” Mo'Nique put one audience member named Melvin on the spot, asking him if he is a fan of Oprah, saying, “I'm not apologizing for any mother fucking thing I say” and imploring him to have sex with Oprah, telling him, “You gonna get some money out of it, shit!”

As Mo’Nique explained during her appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s beef-central podcast Club Shay Shay earlier this year, the tension between her and Oprah started when she refused to do extra press work for no extra compensation ahead of the 2010 Oscars, but it exloded into feud territory mere months later. Shortly after Mo’Nique won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as the abusive mother Mary in Precious, Oprah invited Mo’Nique’s brother Gerald, who molested Mo’Nique as a child, onto her self-titled talk show to talk about sexual abuse. Mo’Nique says that, while Oprah warned her that Gerald would appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she never told the comedian that she invited the rest of Mo’Nique’s family to weigh in on the incredibly private trauma as well.

That acrimony remained fresh in Mo'Nique's mind fourteen years later as she ended her explosive rant with, “You know why I fuck with Oprah Winfrey, Melvin? Because that bitch tried to fuck with me privately. Well, I'm a public bitch. You try to fuck with me behind closed doors? Bitch, open the door up, ‘Ding dong!’ I'm gonna let your mother fucking ass in. Now, are you gonna fuck her or not?”


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