Aunt Becky's Prison Sentence Is Actually The Perfect Finesse Move

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For everyone who isn't up to speed on why Lori Laughlin, aka Full House's Aunt Becky, is in a world of trouble, let's catch you up real quick. She and her husband Mossimo Giannulli put together fake (like, really, really fake) profiles of their Instagram influencer children as rowers so that they could be admitted to the University of Spoiled Children Southern California as "athletes." They almost got away with it, but instead, face federal charges. How rude!

Anyway, the couple just received the deal that'll send them both to prison. With both expected to plead guilty in exchange for this deal, Laughlin is getting two months of prison time while Giannulli is getting five. It seems the reason he's getting more time is that he looks to be pleading guilty to more charges.

This is pretty weird for them, given that they've spent a whole lot of time playing innocent and claiming they were framed. But because virtually everyone involved in this is a snake, it looks more and more like there was some legal snakeyness happening here. It appears that some of the other people who were also implicated in this whole college bribery scandal are getting sent home early. People with similar five- or six-month sentences are being let out as much as a month or two early.

This coronavirus situation is forcing judges' hands, and it looks like Laughlin and Mossimo's sentences will end up having a delayed start. So by pleading guilty early like this and avoiding waiting until October, when their trial was originally scheduled, there's speculation that they may end up getting to serve their time at home instead of in a rich person prison.

That kind of defeats most of the purpose, though. These sentences, specific to the crimes Laughlin and Mossimo committed, won't deter them from doing it again (they don't have any more kids). Still, it would hopefully have deterred other wealthy people from trying to do the same in the future. Now, there's a chance for a legal precedent for letting folks like this off the hook with their sentencing. Just one more thing the rich can get away with. Have mercy.

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