The New WWE Game Is A Hilarious, Glitchy Nightmare

The New WWE Game Is A Hilarious, Glitchy Nightmare

Pre-ordering a video game is as risky as buying a glass vase on eBay. You might open the box to find a perfectly intact furnishing, or you may be greeted by a poof of glass dust that shreds your lungs. Fallout 76 shipped as a disaster. Batman: Arkham Knight was damn near unplayable on Day 1. No Man's Sky was basically a bunch of sticks that needed to be glued together before use. Yes, video games are massive creative undertakings with lots of moving parts that can and will malfunction. Which is exactly what has happened with the newly released WWE 2K20.

There's so much wrong that the list of the game's problems reads like a greatest hits compilation of glitches. It doesn't merely have collision detection problems between characters, objects, and the environment; it has them so bad that when one happens, the rest of the virtual world has a nervous breakdown so hard that you can practically see flop sweat on its forehead. Like in this clip, where the collapse of the entire Universe is triggered by a set of steel stairs sinking beneath the mat.

Then there's this lovely glitch from the story mode, wherein the game decides that even though two characters are riding in a car that has its windows up, their long hair should still be flapping in the wind, as if trying to escape this game and find a better one.

And then there's this horror, when a referee's nervous system collapses and he's reduced to a quivering pile of limbs. Not a single person in the arena of thousands seems to care that this adult man cannot pull himself out of a position commonly assumed by pooping dogs.

The quality of the WWE 2K games has been steady over the years, with only minor fluctuations here and there, until the development team, Yukes, left to challenge themselves creatively by making a different wrestling game. The series was handed to a developer in California named Visual Concepts, which took this as an opportunity to not make a wrestling game, but rather a fairly accurate simulation of the third hour of an acid trip gone awry.

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