Even Elton John Hated The New 'Lion King'

Even Elton John Hated The New 'Lion King'

It's hard to imagine The Lion King without its iconic songs, co-written by Elton John. Who encapsulates the spirit of the African savanna better than an old man from Middlesex, England? Without tunes like "The Circle Of Life" and "Hakuna Matata," the classic story of lions murdering and having sex with each other just wouldn't be the same.

Of all people, you'd think John would have been thrilled about the recent Lion King remake. After all, the movie made over $1.5 billion worldwide, which presumably translated to some sweet royalty checks for ol' Rocket Man. But no, he sided with the majority of critics, who disliked the film. In a recent interview, he called it a "huge disappointment," and said that "the magic and joy were lost." Specifically, he alleges that they "messed the music up."

Now, maybe John just wishes he had a more active role in the project. He claims he "wasn't really welcomed or treated with the same level of respect." But he also makes a good point here. While the remake had some amazing musical talent involved, including Donald Glover and our Benevolent Supreme Overlord Beyonce, there were some baffling choices when it came to the songs. Most strangely, "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" is now set during the daytime. It's as if the filmmakers got bored halfway through reading the title and stopped.

Also, Scar's evil ballad "Be Prepared" was turned into some kind of spoken word number -- which, come to think of it, may have been triggering for Elton John.

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