Game Of Thrones Used Sci-Fi Weapons To Prevent Spoilers

Game Of Thrones Used Sci-Fi Weapons To Prevent Spoilers

It feels like we've been waiting on the final season of Game Of Thrones for so long that it wouldn't be surprising if by the time we returned to Westeros, Daenerys had grown a long white beard and old man Jon Snow looked even more lost and confused (if such a thing were even possible). And because of the long wait, plenty of impatient fans have tried a bunch of ways to infiltrate the set of Dinklages & Dragons, including using drones. So in order to stop both man and machine from nabbing any spoileriffic details, the production deployed some wildly high-tech countermeasures.

Game Of Thrones Used Sci-Fi Weapons To Prevent Spoilers
"Oh sure, give the good stuff to the guys fighting drones."

Drones have to be the bane of any closed film set. While it would've taken a lot of Ren Faire gear to sneak onto the set of Game Of Thrones, anyone with one these flying smartphones could've easily nabbed some pics of famous actors dying in the mud. But according to Sophie Turner, the crew had prepared for precisely such a threat, though sadly not by sending out a bunch Night Watch extras with crossbows to fire wildly into the air. Instead they used "very X-Men"-like "drone killers" to shoot them right out of the sky. These drone killers, typically only used by police forces, are shotgun-like beam weapons that can scramble a drone up to half a mile away, forcing the thing either to land or return to its operator more empty-handed than Jaime Lannister.

But this isn't the only genre-bending gadget that was present on set. For this final season, actors didn't even get paper scripts they could carelessly leave lying around all over the place. Instead, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau revealed that they received special digital copies of their scenes which would self-destruct immediately after they had been filmed. It would finally explain why George R.R. Martin is so very behind on the books if it turns out he comes home every night to discover HBO has set fire to his manuscript again, just to be on the safe side.

It does seem that investing all that money in spy gadgets managed to pay off. Almost nothing has been leaked about this final season, which will only be six episodes long but promises to be more epic than anything we've seen so far. We just hope the Night King doesn't suddenly pull out a laser and shoot all of the dragons out of the sky.

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