22 Science Facts More People Should Know

‘Humans glow’
22 Science Facts More People Should Know

Man, there’s just, like, a lot of science. Between all the different branches and sub-branches and spin-offs and remixes, it would take forever just to name all of the science, let alone describe what each one actually is and its key principles. Then each one of those has infinite studies hanging out under its umbrella. It’s no wonder people tend to be electromagnetic geophysicists or molecular mycologists or whatever. Being an expert in just physics or biology is impossible.

That means your average idiot on the street has a fraction of a fraction of a chance of knowing any given scientific fact, which is a shame because almost all of them are mind-blowing. Also, a good deal of them have to do with buttholes, and that’s funny. Either way, when user jdgiabajwbdidb asked r/AskReddit, “What is a science fact that not many people know that will change the way they look at life?,” it turned out there was no shortage, including the butthole-related.

 Зу ago When the lunar modules landed, the moon rang like a bell. They repeated it a couple times to be sure.
Firesunwatermoon Зу ago That all the planets have their own unique sounds from the different electromagnetic vibrations they have.
MoguoTheMoogle Зу ago On average, Mercury is the nearest planet to every planet in our solar system.
TigerTownTerror Зу ago Edited Зу ago That the earth isn't a perfect sphere. It's a blob that undulates and shifts it's shape as it hurls through the universe.
SpookySquid19 Зу ago If there was no air resistance, rain would all come down as one giant sheet, instead of droplets. The force from this would instantly kill us.
JakeBuddah Зу ago Sharks are older than trees by like a lot. Sharks are 450 million years old and trees are about 400 million years old.
57dollarlunch Зу ago Mycelial networks can carry nutrients to trees who are closely related, send messages, and defend from invasion all at the same time.
wut3va Зу ago There are millions of mites living on your face, burrowing into your eyebrow follicles. It's normal and everyone has them.
bubbabearzle . Зу ago For every one human cell in your body, there are 10 bacterial cells.
 Зу ago That the human skin Is quite heavy Its around 16% of your body weight
mks7777 Зу ago Though human vision shouldn't directly be compared to Megapixels but if done so, our vision is equivalent to 576 MP when we roll our eyes end to end. Normally, we only focus vision about 7 MP to 8MP.
Rebel_Emperor - Зу ago Edited Зу ago Giving birth is far less painful for most mammals, even apes. Because humans evolved to walk upright, our pelvises and the muscles and tissues around them changed size and shape, making it extremely painful for us. So plus-bipedalism minus-horribly painful birth.
big_boi421 Зу ago Edited Зу ago Humans glow, but it's below the level of light we can see
MagicHat42 Зу ago Every atom shares the same basic structure: a nucleus with orbiting electrons, which can be shared but don't like to. So everything is a negative electric charge being pushed against another negative charge. We're all technically hovering. All the time.
lardill Зу ago The retinas of our eyes capture things 'upside down'. Our brains correct for it and turns the image 'the right way up'.
Throwaway7219017 Зу ago The crinkles on everyone's anus are unique. We could be using anus prints, rather than fingerprints.
Bromelia_and_Bismuth Зу ago Pollen isn't plant sperm, they're plant testicles that grow a penis that winds its way into the ovary and the ova itself, then ejaculates onto the surface of two eggs. So, your seasonal allergies are the result of being tea bagged essentially.
debeauty Зу ago If you walked into a wall an infinite amount of times, according to the quantum tunneling principle, there is a slight astronomically small possibility that your atoms will line up with those of the wall and you will walk through it.
BigBadZord Зу ago We are currently experimenting with carbon nanotubes to create near-frictionless surfaces. Theoretically, you could create a pair of surgeons gloves, or even a operating table, that would never have to be sanitized, because germs and bacteria literally couldn't stick to it.
 Зу ago There are more ways to shuffle a deck of cards than there are atoms making up the entire earth (or atoms in the universe if you use 2 decks), thats because the potential options are 52 factorial or 52x51x50x49...etc. chances are if you've shuffled a deck of cards then you've likely made history as that sequence has statistically NEVER happened before. Even if you had a trillion planets with a trillion people all shuffling a deck if cards every second since the moment of the big bang wed only just now be repeating sequences
ErrorCodeTaken Зу ago Elephants are known to bury their dead under foliage and remain with the bodies for some time afterwards, exhibiting behaviour not dissimilar to human mourning. Indeed, it is the association of apparent grief or mourning that is considered to indicate a 'burial', as opposed to simply covering up or disposing of a body. I also read somewhere that they have buried humans.
ArmstrongBillie Зу ago Everyone on earth is at least 50th cousin with everyone else on earth. And if you are currently dating or married to somebody who is from your own country and is of your own ethnicity, there's a one in five chance that the two of you share a common family member fewer than 10 generations ago. Happy incesting!


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