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Watching the news can make you feel like your brain just worked a long shift at a diaper-cleaning service. No reasonable person can be expected to keep up with every headline while maintaining their sanity, so we have taken it upon ourselves to quickly summarize the most important and/or ridiculous news stories from the last week (or so).


Source: Reuters, CNN


Source: ABC News, WFAA, YouTube, USA Today

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Source: Penn Live


Source: CNN

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Source: CDC, The Guardian


Source: NOAA.gov


Deep inside us all behind our political leanings, our moral codes and our private biases, there is a cause so colossally stupid, we surprise ourselves with how much we care. Whether it's toilet paper position, fedoras on men or Oxford commas, we each harbor a preference so powerful we can't help but proselytize to the world. In this episode of the Cracked podcast, guest host Soren Bowie is joined by Cody Johnston, Michael Swaim and special guests to discuss the most trivial things we will argue about until the day we die. Get your tickets here!

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