The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth (Part 5)

Reality is often said to be stranger than fiction, but what it rarely gets credit for is being 100 times creepier than any goddamned horror movie out there. Each year we attempt to fix that inequity with a list of real-life unsettling locations that will cause the skeptical part of your brain to shit its pants out of blind, irrational fear. We don't care if you don't believe in hauntings or ghosts -- go hang out in any of these places at night and your imagination will make them haunted.

Of course, if you want to take the complete tour, feel free to trek through parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the series. Otherwise, let's visit ...

#6. The Veterinary School of Your Nightmares

Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti

"Hey, guys! Let's go sneak into the abandoned Anderlecht Veterinary Surgical School! It'll be fun!" And why not -- this musty old building in Brussels will probably be a fascinating look into the past. Besides, it's a veterinary school, and you love animals! Hey, what's on that shelf over there?

Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
Probably some pickled eggs and preserved vegetables.

It seems to be a bunch of jars full of-

Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti

Yes, ever since the school was moved to another location in the nearby city of Liege, the building has been abandoned, and it still contains shelves full of what appear to be grotesque mad scientist specimens preserved in formaldehyde. Specimens of what, you ask? Good question. Urban explorers who have penetrated the building have reported such things as "the head of a calf joined with the leg of a cat," and that was just the one they could identify. One look at the twisted horrors on display behind the dusty glass and you'll be convinced that this was no ordinary veterinary school:

Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
Did that hamster eat its own head?

You're probably assuming that this is some pre-Soviet institution from back in the days when real science was just a series of pale men in dank basements trying their damnedest to bring monsters to life. You'd be wrong. The Anderlecht Veterinary School was abandoned way back in the bygone era of 1990, which means that students were still hosting frat parties in these dorms a full decade after Animal House, a title that has an altogether new meaning here.

Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
Here's a split-level animal house.

And if you needed any other reason to stay the hell out of such a place, the whole building is now basically a sealed poison chamber. The formaldehyde used for the preservation of biological specimens tends to give off fumes. Having been abandoned for over 20 years, the unventilated building has allowed the evaporated chemicals to build up into a dense, horrific stench cloud that can literally burn your skin.

Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
The 1990 hospital kept 1790 fear vials for fun.

Bottles of chemicals and vials of medicine can be found scattered throughout the darkened rooms, and the school has been ravaged by looting and vandalism. Potential squatters be warned, however, as tentative planning has the school set to be renovated and turned into a greenhouse. Not quite the fitting end for such a unique place, but hey, Belgians need their tomatoes. Just don't be surprised if your salads shriek with the howls of malformed creatures.

#5. The New York Bird Shit Asylum

Taking a single wrong turn in Queens Village in New York can be a life-changing experience; you might end up mugged and stabbed amid the many rat-infested alleyways, or even worse, you might stumble upon Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. Founded in 1912, it was built to serve those whose mental illnesses left them unable to effectively care for themselves. Now its claim to fame is being steeped knee-high in bird shit.
The photographer took this, tossed the camera to a friend, and was consumed.

Generations of New York's pigeons have flocked to the Creedmoor asylum for no reason but to poop all over it, particularly in the abandoned Building 25, and the preserved towers of guano now serve as monuments to the spirit of fuck everything about this place.
It's like an indoor beach, if the sand were roach fuel.

The birds probably have a good reason to hate the old building -- at a time when similar hospitals were being shut down left and right for sanitary violations, Creedmoor made a name for itself with a dysentery outbreak. But this was the '40s, and it avoided being closed down until 20-plus years later, when an inquiry revealed that "Oh, holy shit, guys." Over a 20-month span, the hospital averaged over 10 violent crimes a month, including assaults, over 130 burglaries, fires, a riot, suicides, and a shooting.
Afterward, they cleaned the place up, producing this.

Today, some parts of the hospital are still in use, housing a few hundred patients. All of them are sitting there, knowing that nearby Building 25 is an abandoned hell of bird shit and tormented souls.
"Nurse, I don't think this is the cafeteria. Nurse? Hello?"

#4. Fear Mountain, the Entrance to Japanese Hell


Osorezan (literally "Fear Mountain") is considered one of the three most sacred mountains in all of Japan, although if we're being totally honest here, its name isn't really all that accurate. That's not to say that it's not a hopeless gray landscape filled with sulfuric water mist and deadly pit vipers -- it totally is. Rather, it's not a mountain so much as a caldera volcano that last erupted in 1787.
Now it just waits. And watches.

Some Japanese monks actually refer to Osorezan as the "Gateway to Hell," so we're not exaggerating for comedy purposes when we say that the blasted, ash-coated landscape of Fear Mountain looks exactly like what you'd expect the entrance to actual hell to look like. In fact, the topography of the mountain happens to pretty accurately match the description of hell taught by the Tendai sect of monks. Not that that stopped them from living there.
Scattered statues keep things safe and cheery.

Not only does the mountain look like the kind of wasteland you might have to trudge through to reach Satan's eternal clubhouse (or at best, Mordor), it also hosts its own version of the River Styx. The Sanzu River that runs through the area has heavily toxic waters that have killed almost all life in and around it.
Nothing in nature is supposed to have this color.

For a price, the monks who inhabit the area will relay your message to the great beyond thanks to the convenient location of Fear Mountain and the magic mushroom they use to put themselves in a trance. To access their inner medium, the itako shamans ingest an indigenous mushroom known as the Devil Skull Mushroom, which seems fitting.

And, if you believe that in the final days the Devil will emerge from hell and roam the Earth, we have good news: We're pretty sure we know where you can wait for him to pop out.

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