21 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 8)

#9. If Who Framed Roger Rabbit Was Directed by Michel Gondry

Via Wexas.com

What looks like a Lego building cropped into a nature photograph is actually a real building that sleeps four adults. Hovering in the middle of the forest just outside of the Arctic Circle, the bafflingly named "blue cone room" is part of the Treehotel. The hotel is located in Sweden, the same country that brought us IKEA. So this is apparently what happens when the Swedish decide to take the philosophy of "simple parts, impossible to assemble" to mind-blowing levels.

It's not the Treehotel's only room that will make your brain sneeze forth from your ears. Imagine how freaked out you'd be if you were hiking through the woods and ran into the much more reasonably named UFO room.

Via Wexas.com

#8. Mr. Potato Head in Live-Action Anime Porn

Via Metro.co.uk

Even though this photo of an octopus playing with a Mr. Potato Head came from a mainstream U.K. newspaper, we still called Photoshop on it. It looks like a rushed job, too. And why the hell would a Mr. Potato Head have orange robot arms?

Then you notice the shadows on the nose and body cast by the tentacle, and realize the Mr. Potato Head was using parts from one of these ...

Via Thisnext.com

... and you find out the Internet is full of the same picture from other angles. The octopus's name is Louis and he lives at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay. His love for his Mr. Potato Head toy seems adorable until you see other photos where he has ripped all of the limbs off of it:

Via Paigntonpeople.co.uk

#7. It's Not a Before/After Photo ...

This looks like one of those "look how much this area has changed in just 30 years!" split images, but it's actually a photo of the U.S.-Mexico border, the fence forming the black line down the middle (you can see the fence to the right in the foreground).

And before you rush in to make some racist comment about how the American side is a bustling civilization and the Mexican side is a deserted wasteland, you have the two mixed up. That's Mexico on the right.

#6. In Posh Private Schools, You're Nobody Unless You Bring a Designer Banana in Your Lunch

Via Repperpatterns.com

Once again we have something that not only looks like a Photoshop, but also looks like a lousy one. The truth is stupider: A Dutch design house actually designed a laser system to inscribe patterns in a variety of food to enhance their visual appeal. We don't know about you, but we're less comfortable eating a banana that looks like a wicker door than one that looks like a banana. Here's video, for the unbelievers:

#5. So Beautiful, They Didn't Notice the UFO Lifting Them From the Water

Via Travelingbastards.blogspot.com

We go through several stages looking at this one. At first it's just an ordinary boat in some water. Then you see how the boat's reflection is several feet below the boat itself, and you assume you're looking at a disastrous crop job, probably for some quickie ad campaign for a travel agency. "Stick a boat in there! Nah, it doesn't need to interact with the water in any way. Maybe it's ramping something!"

But this is actually the Lagoa Verde in Brazil, and what you're seeing are waters so perfectly clear that the "reflection" of the boat is actually its shadow on the floor of the lagoon.

#4. One Time It Got So Hot the Wood Floors Melted

Via Offbeatearth.com

No, that's not a taffy floor painted to look like wood grain, and it's not the work of one man and a chisel. These footprints were actually worn into the wood by a Buddhist monk who stood in that spot to pray every day for 20 years ... up to 3,000 times a day, he claims (though we think he's exaggerating, since there are only about 1,000 waking minutes in a day).

Still, it's an inspiring thought, especially considering how many splinters he must have had to dig out of his feet.

#3. So What, It's Just Some Rocks ...

Via National Geographic

... until you see the microscopic little spelunker standing there. And then it looks like bullshit.

That's Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam, which is thought to be the largest in the world. This discovery pretty much makes Journey to the Center of the Earth obsolete. Anything less than Journey 97 Percent of the Way Through the Earth isn't impressive any more.

#2. Coach, It's Time to Call a Hook-and-Ladder

Via Stuffandcontent.wordpress.com

Here's a Photoshop lookalike from the days before Photoshop even existed. This photo of a raging fire directly behind an oblivious high school football game was taken in November of 1965 at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts. The top floor of the science building caught fire during a football game, but it was decided that the game would go on:

Via Northfieldmafire.com

The photo makes the building appear to be much closer to the football field than it actually was -- no one was in danger of burning debris falling on them (note that there was room for the fire trucks behind the stands). And of course no one involved could have known they were creating a perfect symbol for educational priorities in America.

#1. What All Cosplay Looked Like in 1987

Via Chozoboy.deviantart.com

This Samus costume was probably really simple to make, but it still plays tricks with our eyes seeing it up against the background of a convention hall. That's the work of Daniel Cattell, who has also got a Chozo statue. It's great to see someone going totally old school on the cosplay, and we're hoping he figured out how to make it walk like it only had three frames of animation.

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