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Amputee Fetishes: 6 Realities Of Losing Both Legs As A Girl

By Robert Evans, Anna Beninati

Have you ever woken up hungover and said, 'Holy shit, it feels like I've been hit by a train'? Well, our source for this article, Anna Beninati, has, in fact, been hit by a goddamn train.

The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (6/30)

By Ted E., T. S. Obiech

No reasonable person can be expected to keep up with every important headline while maintaining their sanity. So we're here to help.

7 Fake Viral Photos You Probably Thought Were Real

By David Christopher Bell

Our social media feeds are constantly bombarded with incredible images ... that are also 100 percent cow-pie.

5 Real World Lessons College Teaches (By Accident)

By Gladstone

Things that were never contained in a textbook or a lecture but made painfully clear to me simply by my four-year immersion in a little community that would help me predict the real world to come.

Cracked Responds: Shia LaBeouf's #Introductions


Is this guy crazy or a secret genius?

6 Creepy Urban Legends That Happen to be True (Part 3!)

By Nathan Birch

Also, Urban Legend 3 the movie unfortunately really exists.

The Mundane Background Story Of Every James Bond Adventure

By J.F. Sargent

Reggie sat outside Dr. Terrordoom's office, brainstorming as hard as he could.

6 Secret F-Yous Lurking In Famous Pop Culture


Creative types can be petty, and they tend to not be shy about taking their grievances public.

If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest

By Shelby Fero

Turns out the only thing grosser than the food is how the commercials are made.

5 Outdated Myths Everyone Still Believes About Bisexuality

By Anonymous, Chris Radomile

We spoke to Beth, a bisexual woman, and Jon, a bisexual man about their experiences being switch-hitters in a world that doesn't make much of an effort to understand them.

15 Cool Sci-Fi Technologies We've Already Blown Right Past

By CRACKED Readers

At some point reality overtook fiction and began making way cooler gadgets than apparently any filmmaker could conceive.

The Gun Show

By David Wong, J.F. Sargent, Jack O'Brien

The recent tragedy in Charleston, SC sparked, among other things, another flurry of debate in what appears to be our new twisted national pastime: arguing about guns.

4 Real-Life George Costanzas

By Kathy Benjamin

Constanzas exist, and we've found these despicable liars who fooled the entire world into bigger ruses than Vandelay Industries.

5 Oddly Hypnotic Genres Of YouTube Videos

By Luis Prada

They're boring. They're stupid. They're useless. They are an absolute waste of time ... but, they're impossible to look away from.

6 Real People Who Got Screwed For Trying To Help

By Chris Fox, Ivan Farkas, Niko G

In a movie, an act of kindness gets repaid before the third act is through. In real life? Eh, not so much.

5 Secrets I Know About Women (From Writing Their Weird Porn)

By Robert Evans, Peter Hayward

We talked to one of the guys who cranks out erotic fiction by the truckload for sale on Amazon, making a nice living in the process. This is what we learned.

5 Reasons We Don't Want Superheroes To Wear Masks Anymore

By Marina Reimann

As superhero movies get more and more faithful to the source material, masks are starting to get neglected.