20 Diabolical Facts About 'The Boys'

The superhero show for people who are tired of superheroes.
20 Diabolical Facts About 'The Boys'

The Boys are back on Prime Video, and this third season is going to be just as wacky and violent as the previous ones. The show has grown in popularity in spite of critics lamenting about superhero fatigue. However, since the story is about a group that takes down superheroes in the most blood-smattering method possible, maybe there is a bit of bias toward it from those who tire of boring tights-wearing do-gooders.

In any case, The Boys has been a popular franchise on both streaming service and comic book shelves alike. Whether it’s the gross-out yet beautifully detailed artwork in the comic, the engaging writing in the show, or the immense amounts of bodily fluids being splashed about in both, fans really dig it. But there are some bits and pieces of info that some of the most die-hard Boys fans might not know.

This Pictofact, we hope, will fix that.

Near Cancellation

CRACKED.COM THE BOYS THE SHOW WAS ALMOST CANCELED BEFORE IT AIRED. The Boys was going to be on Cinemax, but they backed out because they couldn't afford it. Amazon stepped in shortly after and bought the show.

Source: Insider

Wee Hughie

CRACKED.COM THE BOYS HUGHIE WAS DESIGNED TO LOOK LIKE SIMON PEGG. Artist Darick Robertson intentionally made Hughie look like British actor. While Pegg aged out of role, he was cast as Hughie's ded in the series.

Source: CBR

Mother's Milk

CRACKED.COM THE BOYS MOTHER'S MILK KEEPS HIS LOOK FROM THE COMICS. The showrunners wanted to keep the look and feel of the comic within the show's roots - so Mother's Milk's wardrobe has the same slogans and bands.

Source: CBR

Sign Language

CRACKED.COM THE BOYS KAREN FUKUHARA CREATED HER OWN SIGN LANGUAGE. Fukuhara worked with a sign language expert to create her own. It was developed to establish Kimiko's close connection with Frenchie, as she has little interest in communicating with people outside her inner circle.

Source: IGN


THE BOYS THE SHOW HAS CONNECTIONS TO SUPERNATURAL. Eric Kripke runs both shows. Jim Beaver played Bobby Singer on Supernatural, and plays a government official on The Boys. Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester, will appear on The Boys as Soldier Boy. CRACKED.COM

Sources: CBR, IMDb


THE BOYS TRANSLUCENT WAS CREATED FOR THE SHOW. The invisible member of The Seven replaced the comic's Jack from Jupiter. Showrunner Eric Kripke reportedly removed Jack (who is an alien) in order to keep his adaptation more grounded (even though the show still has eye lasers and blood showers). CRACKED.COM

Source: Looper


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