15 Hollywood Nepotism Babies

15 Hollywood Nepotism Babies

While many superstars have a sympathetic rags-to-riches narrative, some were born into it. Most of these celebrities have been wealthy for decades, while others have been reared by extremely prosperous families.

Almost all of these well-known movie actors and television personalities are skilled in some way. As a result, they've all accomplished a lot in their respective jobs. But we guarantee you didn't know that either they hit it big or not, every one of them had a stack of money with their surname on it.

The rags-to-riches story is well-known, but the riches-to-even-greater-riches story is more typical. It's an age-old Hollywood question: are they talented or just well-connected? And if they're gifted, is it because their family's wealth provided them with an advantage in terms of schools and lessons? We'll leave it to you to decide whether or not these 15 celebrities had a leg up in life.

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The Gyllenhaals dec lile CRACKED.COM Siblings Maggie and Jake were born into Hollywood. Their mom is an oscar- nominated screenwriter and producer. Their dad is a director.

Source: GQ

Rooney Mara CRACKED.COM Her great-grandfather 0 on her father's the New York Giants, and her on her side founded the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Source: ESPN

Julia Louis- Dreyfus CRACKED.COM Her father was the chairman of the Louis Dreyfus company, valued in the billions. It was started by her great-great-grandfather.

Source: Vogue

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