22 Amazing Ways Humans Have Changed In Recent History

We're going to tell you something shocking: Human beings, as a species, are constantly changing. But not in the ways you're probably thinking. No, we aren't dumber. No, our kids aren't lazier. Yes, a lot of us have reverted back to pooping outside and covering the scat so predators won't find us.

OK, so that last one was bullshit. But what you're about to discover about our species' current state is no less surprising.

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Food allergies are much more common . 0 GRALUIN allergy allergy gy allergy allergy allergy gy There has been a 50% rise of food allergic kids between

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Girls are hitting puberty earlier than ever Average age Year onset of puberty of females 1860 16.6 years 1920 14.6 years 1950 13.1 years 1980 12.5 yea

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ORAGKEDC COM Obesity among children has increased 60% from 1990 to 2010. As of 02010, 43 million children worldwide underthe age of 5 were already obe

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OUR HOMES ALMOST TRIPLED IN SIZE In the 50S, the average family house was 983 sqo ft. By 2004, the new normal was 2,349 sq. ft. CRACKED COM

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Our bones have become weaker. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the transition of early humans from foraging to

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More people are nearsighted now than ever before. In China, only 10% to 20% of teenagers and young adults were nearsighted 60 years ago. Now it is clo

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CRACKEDCON People having a long.history of living in cities are more likely to have a genetic variant which makes them more resistant to diseases such

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PEOPLE ARE BECOMING MORE LOYAL TO THEIR JOBS. Yes, working the same job from graduation until retirement is a rarity in modern America. Workers have b

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EUREKA! Scientists are significantly more likely to use terms such as novel and unprecedented in scientific abstracts than they 40 were years ago.

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The future will make Us harder, better, faster, stronger... all right, maybe just faster. Analyzing pedestrian speed in over 30 cities reveals that th

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The number of bilinguals in the United States has increased about 160% since 1980. den RS Percentage of Year US pop. who are bilinguals 1980 11% Gu14%

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Today's young people are more open to premarital sex but are having it with fewer partners. A study published in 2015 showed that 58% of millennials w

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DAOT Wisdom teeth used to be helpful to our ancestors because of a lifestyle that caused excessive wear on teeth. Modern life with a softer diet and a

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In the 1990 U.S. Census, there were no Hispanic surnames among the 15 most common in the country. In the 2010 Census, there were four Garcia, Rodrigue

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More and more people are becoming literate. Adult literacy rates improved from 76% in 1990 to 85% in 2013, while the youth literacy rate improved from

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CRACKEDCON Our brain is shrinking! Over the past 20,000 years, the average human brain has shrunk 10%. From 1,500 cubic centimeters, the average human

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GRAGR At the turn of the 20th century, the average height of European males has increased 4-5 inches, whereas in places with food shortages such as ce

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Blue eyes are becoming less common among white Americans. Over half (57.4%) born between 1899 and 1905 had blue peepers, but by 1951 this had dropped

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CRACKEDCON Our sense of smell has lessened over time, a study shows. Our functioning olfactory receptors have decreased over the years, whereas other

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FAMILIES ARE SHRINKING. In 1960, the average family consisted of 4.6 members, but as of 2006 it was nearly half that (2.6 members) RAGh

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People are CRACKED COM getting married at older ages every year. In 1950, the average age for males walking down the aisle was 22. and 20 for females.

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In trying to keep healthy, we may have turned our own immune system against us! The Hygiene Hypothesis states that since we're cleaner now due to impr