22 Amazing Ways Humans Have Changed In Recent History

22 Amazing Ways Humans Have Changed In Recent History

We're going to tell you something shocking: Human beings, as a species, are constantly changing. But not in the ways you're probably thinking. No, we aren't dumber. No, our kids aren't lazier. Yes, a lot of us have reverted back to pooping outside and covering the scat so predators won't find us.

OK, so that last one was bullshit. But what you're about to discover about our species' current state is no less surprising.

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DAOT Wisdom teeth used to be helpful to our ancestors because of a lifestyle that caused excessive wear on teeth. Modern life with a softer diet and a

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CRACKEDCON Our brain is shrinking! Over the past 20,000 years, the average human brain has shrunk 10%. From 1,500 cubic centimeters, the average human

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In trying to keep healthy, we may have turned our own immune system against us! The Hygiene Hypothesis states that since we're cleaner now due to impr

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