Pop culture shapes our understanding of the world, sometimes to our detriment. Images affect us, sounds stick with us—we kinda all have dumb movie brains. Close your eyes and picture China. If you're Chinese, you're probably picturing “outside," but if you're American, you might be picturing a Bruce Lee movie or CrouchingTiger, Hidden Dragon


It gets down to sensory detail, too. An explosion that doesn't go "boom" isn't fun to watch. There's no sound in space, but are you seriously sitting through an X-Wing versus Tie Fighter battle with no pew-pew boom-boom? Not to mention we have no idea—NO IDEA, BRO, FOR REAL—about what dinosaurs sounded or looked like, but that didn't stop Jurassic Park from becoming the biggest movie of 1993 and also, if we're being honest, this very website. What we're saying is, science sometimes needs to take a backseat to storytelling. Here are 14 things you may not realize you've gleaned from movie logic, not real life...

14 Myths Perpetuated By Movies


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