15 Foreshadowed Huge Plot Points In Iconic Movies

That tiny, barely conspicuous detail you saw at the start of a movie might have been an important clue for what's going to happen half an hour later. At least, it should have been, if the filmmakers are doing a reasonably good job of setting up the story. Like in these movies:


In K's memories in Blade Runner 2049, he has a full head of hair, unlike the kids around him (their heads are shaved). When he visits the orphanage frSource: 6 Sneaky Ways Movies Foreshadowed Huge Twists


SXAV-CUIS AatALS In Dana's first encounter with ghosts in Ghostbusters, her eggs are ruined. And they're sitting on the counter right next to Stay-Puf


Annihilation's first scene foreshadows what the alien organism does. In the first scene, Natalie Portman's character explains how cancer cells spread Source: 6 Sneaky Ways Movies Foreshadowed Huge Twists


MOTID In Cars, when Not Chuck leaves, Lightning McQueen wonders how he'll find anyone else who can fill him up with gas. Later on, he gets stuck in Ra


When Baby Driver's DOC tells everyone his heist plan, Baby is playing with toy cars. When DoC gets to the part about Baby being in the car waiting in


In the classroom scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, a student closes her eyes. I love you is written on her eyelids, and he loses concentration for aSource: 5 Crazy Movie Foreshadowing Scenes Everybody Always Misses


In Coraline, at their first meeting, the Other Mother asks Coraline to get her Other Father. He must be hungry as a pumpkin, the Other Mother says.


TONUM COMMRENE COMMUNITATIS WELCOME to SANDFORD PONUM COMMUNE COMEMUNITATIS The Welcome to Sandford sign in Hot Fuzz has the village motto bonum commSource: Google Translate


In Captain Marvel, when the Skrull in one of Carol's memories becomes slightly more human-like, that's intended as a tease. It hints at the fact that Source: FilmSchoolRejects


In The Last Jedi, Rey horizontally cuts a rock in half, making the top part slide down. Not long after, Snoke's body gets cut in half in a pretty simiSource: 5 Crazy Movie Foreshadowing Scenes Everybody Always Misses


oF BAT Boor eoan Jurassic Park's Nedry has a photo of J. Robert Oppenheimer stuck on his PC. Oppenheimer unleashed the nuclear bomb, and Nedry later lSource: Magnum Photos


When Benny meets the three-breasted prostitute in Total Recall, he says, Baby, you make me wish I had three hands. We find out later on that he does


Solo hinted at the Darth Maul cameo before the reveal. Dryden Vos, the guy under Darth Maul, has face markings vaguely similar to Maul's. Plus, he's aSource: 6 Sneaky Ways Movies Foreshadowed Huge Twists