15 Foreshadowed Huge Plot Points In Iconic Movies

That gun was there in the first act for a reason.
15 Foreshadowed Huge Plot Points In Iconic Movies

You know when you watch a movie for the first time and you never see the ending coming, but upon the rewatch you're like, “Oh, hell, why didn't I notice that?” Then you either feel stupid for not calling it from the start or become impressed at the filmmakers for tipping you off what the ending or major plot point was going to be from the very beginning? I mean, if you felt the second part, you're obviously a big film nerd but you get what what we're talking bout.

Many movies telegraph their plot or ending through some unnoticeable thing like a line of dialogue, a small action, or visual symbolism of what's to come next. Who would have thought that student who closed her eyes to flirt with Dr. Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark was actually telegraphing the ending? Or how Darth Maul's cameo in Solo was hinted from the beginning.

Learn more about these and other foreshadowings in movies that you might have missed.

SXAV-CUIS AatALS In Dana's first encounter with ghosts in Ghostbusters, her eggs are ruined. And they're sitting on the counter right next to Stay-Puf
MOTID In Cars, when Not Chuck leaves, Lightning McQueen wonders how he'll find anyone else who can fill him up with gas. Later on, he gets stuck in Ra
When Baby Driver's DOC tells everyone his heist plan, Baby is playing with toy cars. When DoC gets to the part about Baby being in the car waiting in
In Coraline, at their first meeting, the Other Mother asks Coraline to get her Other Father. He must be hungry as a pumpkin, the Other Mother says.
When Benny meets the three-breasted prostitute in Total Recall, he says, Baby, you make me wish I had three hands. We find out later on that he does
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