8 Ancient Pain Treatments That Were Metal As Hell

Being a doctor in ancient times was like one big game of Operation, Mr. Potato Head, and Pin The Tail On The Donkey combined.

That sounds excruciating - and it was! So a lot of time was spent figuring out how to mitigate pain. And for some reason, a lot of those mitigation tactics involved probing, bleeding, and dead mice:


ELECTRIC CATFISH WHO Greeks, Egyptians USED IT: WHAT IT Epilepsy, chronic pain, TREATED: diseases of the spleen uK CRAGRED CO Several species of fish


MOUSE PASTE WHO Egyptians USED IT: WHAT IT Coughs, toothaches TREATED: CRACKED cO Doctors would make a tiny little mouse meat and herb casserole, then


TREPANNING + COCA LEAVES WHO Peruvian Incas USED IT: WHAT IT Headaches, epilepsy, TREATED: insanity CRACKED COM While a surgeon was drilling holes in


BLOODLETTING WHO Everybody tried this one USED IT: WHAT IT Migraines, fever, too TREATED: much blood CRACKEDco Sometimes it was done to mimic menstrua


SOPORIFIC SPONGES WHO 11th century Europeans USED IT: WHAT IT Anxiety, insomnia, being TREATED: awake during surgery CRACKED CO Pretty much opium boui


LEECHING WHO Egyptians (and then USED IT: everyone else) WHAT IT Arthritis, too much blood TREATED: CRACKED- COM Leech saliva is a great local numbing


CAROTID COMPRESSION WHO Greeks (and others) USED IT: WHAT IT The heavy burden of TREATED: consciousness CRACKEDCON Cutting off blood flow to the brain


TOBACCO SMOKE Jas ENEMAS K WHO 18th century Europeans USED IT: WHAT IT Gut pain, headaches, TREATED: drowning Jic zcrglicderte Machinc die ganz machin