Heavy Metal

Metal: a word, a lifestyle, a genre of music that we associate with awe-inspiring fine art or goofy teased-hair freaks shredding guitar in an abandoned barn. Oh, and also the most face-melting guitar and eye-bleeding vocals in the known universe. Actually scratch that “known” part, we'll put the likes of Between The Buried and Me or Black Sabbath up against any aliens. Provided Black Sabbath can find Ozzy Osbourne, that is. You know what? Maybe we should call Babymetal. Those Japanese pop stars could shred through some aliens faster than a drunk Randy Quaid in a biplane. 

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Clash of the Titans: Badass Metal Video, S#!t Movie

If you arm yourself with headphones and enough Iron Maiden to make your ears want to fight each other, you get the most epic metal video ever put on film. While I didn't have the foresight to bring my own soundtrack canceling apparatus, in hindsight 'Clash of the Titans' almost makes more sense viewed as a collection of moving metal-album co

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