Works of Art That Are Metal AF

If you think art is boring, you've been looking at the wrong art.
Works of Art That Are Metal AF

Quick, think of an art gallery. Done? Chances are, you pictured a dull place where nothing exciting ever happens. Tell you what: You're wrong. Paintings and sculptures may sit silent and motionless, but pay attention and you might see the spirit of a mosh pit frozen in time.

We're pretty sure the creators of these pieces we've collected here were doing the horns sign as they worked.

Jaume Barba's' THE KISS OF DEATH isn't your usual chubby graveyard cherub. This statue in Barcelona's Poblenou Cemetery will make you go, I want to d
CRACKED C COM Salvador Dali's THE FACE OF WAR throws its meaning at you. You know what war is, right? It's death within death within even more damn de
CRACKED.COM Caravaggio's MEDUSA has been beheaded but is still alive and conscious. According to legend, Perseus chopped Medusa's head off and put it
West's DEATHONAPALE HORSE shows a totally wicked Apocalypse. The Detroit Institute of Arts calls this an awesome depiction of the end of the world.
CRACKEDcO COM Titian's THE FLAYING OF MARSYAS portrays the gods' total lack of chill. Greek gods were mean bastards. Just ask Marsyas the satyr, who c
CRACKED CO Luis Falero's THE VISIONOF FAUST about witches worshipping the Devil. Falero was a 19th-century chemist and engineer, but his experiments w
CRACKED GOR Vincent van Gogh's SKULL WITH BURNING CIGARETTE isn't his sunflowers or starry nights. OI' Vinnie van G was totally down with that ponder
CRACKEDcO Artemisia Gentileschi's JUDITH SLAYING HOLOFERNES depicts a scene from the Bible. You would've paid attention in Sunday school had they told
CRACKEDco HANS MEMLING accidentally made sin look rad. These panels were to be used for meditation about death, Hell, and vanity. The only thing you'r
CRACKEDcO Peter Paul Rubens' SATURN DEVOURING A SON shows mythology is sick. An old geezer eating his children SO they woudn't kick his mofo ass? Put
Ricardo Bellver's FOUNTAIN OF THE FALLEN ANGEL honors Satan. Really. Madrid has a goddamn public monument to the guy who made goddamn a thing, showi
CRACKED.cO COM Original painting by Velazquez FRANCIS BACON was a metal artist in the I95os. Here he took Diego Velazquez' harmless portrait of an old


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