Amazing Things Celebrities Are Doing To Help Right Now

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Miraculously, not all celebs are doing their best impression of a medieval lord hunkering in his castle while he waits for the plague in the village below to die down. Some of them are actually doing what they can to fight the epidemic and help the people who've been struck by it.

Celebs like ...


Andy Serkis raised one third of a million dollars by reading for 11 hours. He read The Hobbit in one sitting on a live stream, raising E280,000 (aboutSource: NME


Even in the pandemic, John Cena is making wishes come true. 7-year-old David Castle, who has a kidney tumor, wanted to meet Cena, So Cena rolled up toSource: ESPN


Eminem sent Detroit healthcare workers Mom's spaghetti. MOM' THANK FRONTLINE YOU CAREGIVERS Shady He followed that up with a donation of the spaghetSource: CNN


Ashton Kutcher made sure Iowa could get over half a million COVID tests. Kutcher, who's from lowa, told the governor about an apparently successful puSource: AP News


Michael Condron (AKA Bowen Marsh on Game of Thrones) became a delivery driver. Pick SDA Ths be'tter. ey. Live A friend mentioned the supermarket chainSource: NME


Guy Fieri is making sure restaurant workers can make ends meet. Fieri has been reaching out to big food service company CEOs to raise money for the NaSource: Variety


Ryan Reynolds' Aviation American Gin is supporting bartenders. AVIATION IVDDETI 30% of their online UK sales are going to The Drinks Trust, a British Source: Yahoo Entertainment


Tom Hanks comforted a bullied boy named Corona. CORONA CORONA STANDAWD The actual typewriter Corona got B Eight-year-old Corona DeVries wrote to Tom HSource: The Guardian


Music artists are organizing a union for gig workers in music. UNION OF MUSICIANS ALLIED WORKERS AND The first action of the Union of Musicians and AlSource: VICE


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey bought 10 million surgical masks for prisons. They were sent through Meek Mill and Jay-Z's criminal justice organization REFORSource: CBS News


To help save the U.S. Postal Service, John Oliver came out with his own line of stamps. 55 CHIIJOHN starp Stamp purchases are one of the USPS' big remSource: Vanity Fair, PhotoStamps


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited people in Animal Crossing. AOC She tweeted I would like to visit random people's islands and leave a doodle or note Source: VICE, The Washington Post