Amazing Things Celebrities Are Doing To Help Right Now

Amazing Things Celebrities Are Doing To Help Right Now

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Miraculously, not all celebs are doing their best impression of a medieval lord hunkering in his castle while he waits for the plague in the village below to die down. Some of them are actually doing what they can to fight the epidemic and help the people who've been struck by it.

Celebs like ...

Andy Serkis raised one third of a million dollars by reading for 11 hours. He read The Hobbit in one sitting on a live stream, raising E280,000 (about
Source: NME

Eminem sent Detroit healthcare workers Mom's spaghetti. MOM' THANK FRONTLINE YOU CAREGIVERS Shady He followed that up with a donation of the spaghet
Source: CNN

Music artists are organizing a union for gig workers in music. UNION OF MUSICIANS ALLIED WORKERS AND The first action of the Union of Musicians and Al
Source: VICE

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