18 Technologies You Didn't Know Are About to Fix Daily Life

The future is now. While we may not have hoverboards, holodecks, and mutant powers -- we still have a lot of cool new toys coming our way.

Our readers compiled a list of gadgets that belong in a sci-fi movie, but we'll be able to use in the near future. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Sonny Time

1t 17'C fols 2019 07:02 03812 69.Bkg The Cybertecture Mirror is a reflective mirror that is capable of monitoring your health, stream television, acce

Entry by Soon Van

Revolights illuminate the road: you're on Not just the top Of the bike wheel

Entry by kriz2391

StickNFind Stickers are bluetooth trackable stickers that can be stuck on pretty much anything keys, toys, pets, or even children, and used to track i

Entry by hyenacub

nea 49 912 For those who 3 need MAT TOON one hand available for... other things- B Maltron D introduces the one-handed keyboard! K T 3 0 U That's wort

Entry by ChevySpoons

According to an item in the Wall Street Journal, your cellphone is probably crawling with germs. You could try cleaning your phone with a commercial g

Entry by Justplainolme

When you think of camping, your favorite things come to mind: sleeping under the stars, hiking and cooking s'mores by the fire. Now, thanks to The Ori

Entry by gicusudoru

PH-PAV The best way to avoid traffic jams is Pal-V One, the closest match to a sci-fi flying car you can get: a two seat vehicle that converts from hr

Entry by Sonny Time

Co $700* is the This by Grifin Mithis unit is MultiDock The Technology. to charge., 10 hand desioologv designed and sync store. devices. held for idea

Entry by John E.

UNDER THE BLANKET FAN When it's too hot but you need a blanket to sleep. CRACKED COM

Entry by dritjon

18 Technologies You Didn't Know Are About to Fix Daily Life

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKEDc CONT If curtains are too tacky for your posh living space. and you need some way to block the sunlight, then Glass Apps has a solution for yo

Entry by Muchuchubacca

The phraselator is a device that can translate over 100,000 phrases in over 70 languages. It cannot do Klingon. Yet. PAITASALATOR

Entry by ChevySpoons

June is more than an attractive bracelet. It measures your exposure to the sun, tells your smartphone, and recommends an SPE sunscreen level for you

Entry by library_dude

tobi The EyeMobile system Start tracks eye movement for 16 completely touchless interaction E with mobile devices. It was developed for persons with d

Entry by Sonny Time

00 941 AM MY HOUSE MY DISHEWASHER 22 a These are Whirlpool's DUET DOYEE Smart Appliances. 1 25 They keep you informed of progress and can text, email

Entry by Creatris

Do you often forget where you put your keys? And once you've found them, do you tend to aecidentally drop them in irretrievable places like drainage g

Entry by John E.

Tired of sweeping things under the rug? How about into your wall with a vacuum baseboard *central vacuum system needed

Entry by ClockMaster

Below is a subway station in Seoul, South Korea. All the groceries there are only virtual displays, but... You can scan these virtual products with yo