The future is now. While we may not have hoverboards, holodecks, and mutant powers -- we still have a lot of cool new toys coming our way.

Our readers compiled a list of gadgets that belong in a sci-fi movie, but we'll be able to use in the near future. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by kriz2391

StickNFind Stickers are bluetooth trackable stickers that can be stuck on pretty much anything keys, toys, pets, or even children, and used to track i

Entry by John E.

UNDER THE BLANKET FAN When it's too hot but you need a blanket to sleep. CRACKED COM

Entry by Sonny Time

00 941 AM MY HOUSE MY DISHEWASHER 22 a These are Whirlpool's DUET DOYEE Smart Appliances. 1 25 They keep you informed of progress and can text, email

Entry by ClockMaster

Below is a subway station in Seoul, South Korea. All the groceries there are only virtual displays, but... You can scan these virtual products with yo

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