A Matrix Style Download Of Next Level Facts

You get a match on Tinder. What do you open with? "Hey"? Of course not -- you might as well tell them, "I'm a bore with no imagination, so save time and block me now." What you do is lead with some fun fact that shows you're as funny and cultured as you are good-looking -- say, for example, one of these we've collected here for you for just such an occasion.

And if things get serious, you'll be able to follow up with details cribbed from the original Cracked articles linked under each fact.


BILL MURRAY IS IN COMEDY BECAUSE HE WAS CAUGHT WITH POT. In 1970, Murray joked that he had two bombs in his luggage as he was boarding a plane. So he More: 5 Dumb Ways Celebrity Scandals Were Uncovered


MORE PEOPLE DIE WHEN THE ECONOMY IS STRONG. Research has found that 5 a booming economy causes an increase in mortality 411270 ISHINGTOND rates, not tMore: 6 Seemingly Random Things That Are Life Or Death


THE ROOSEVELT WHITE HOUSE WAS INFAMOUS FOR ITS GHASTLY FOOD. Serving as first lady through difficult times, Eleanor Roosevelt wanted to bring simpliciMore: 7 'What' Side Stories From Famous Moments In History


CAT STEVENS WAS... UH... SUSPECTED OF TERRORISM? Yes, that Cat Stevens, the one known for his peace anthems, was in the TSA's no-fly list list from 20More: Celebrities Who Got Banned In Foreign Countries For Dumb Reasons