Unexpected Ways The Current Crisis Has Changed The World

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Sure, by now we know about all the (awful) ways the crisis changed our world. The restaurant industry is hanging on by a thread, everybody is on Zoom all the time, Wall Street titans envy toilet paper producers, and so on. But trust us, there's a bunch of really weird changes you haven't heard about.

Take a look:


The Earth isn't moving as much as it used to. Because human activity dropped off sO much, there's less vibration in the Earth's crust. This drop in seSource: Nature


In some religions, you can't pay respect to the dead. In Judaism, friends and relatives visit the close family of the deceased for a week, bringing foSource: Vox


It's easier for gay and bi men to give blood. CUETTE Before the crisis, men who had had sex with another man in the last 12 months couldn't give bloodSource: Buzzfeed News


Spy agencies have an l-new job. InTELLICENCE TRAL NY RICA The world's intelligence agencies are switching their focus from counter-terrorism and natioSource: The Times of Israel


Hair dye is flying off the shelves. In March 14 to 21, 2020, people bought almost 20% more hair dye than during the same week in 2019. It's probably bSource: NPR


The sex toy industry is booming. For example, luxury Swedish sex toy brand Lelo's sales are up 40%. Sex toy and lingerie shop Ann Summers' sex toy salSource: Wired


It's a better time than ever to be a fluencer. nlyttans ign up to make money and interact with your fan Sign Up / Login with Twitter Pornfluencers, peSource: Wired


Tons and tons of food are being thrown away. Nearly all places that served food shut down almost overnight, leading to a huge drop in demand. So lots Source: Politico


Companies are paying people to take oil from them. Because of the global lockdown, we're using a lot less oil while producing as much of it as we usedSource: CNN


The online betting world turned upside down. TAU EMNS DIU FOOTAAU 39998 000000 mnod Since pretty much all sports events anywhere are cancelled, onlineSource: Politico


Pandas might have a better shot at survival. With no visitors around, two giant pandas in a Hong Kong theme park have mated for the first time in OverSource: The Guardian


Trash food is coming back in a big way. Chef Chep Chef BOYARDEE BOYARDEE BOYARDEE Lasagna JUMBO Beefaroni Spaghetti& G Meatballs chef Chef Chef BOYARDSource: The New York Times