Unexpected Ways The Current Crisis Has Changed The World


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Sure, by now we know about all the (awful) ways the crisis changed our world. The restaurant industry is hanging on by a thread, everybody is on Zoom all the time, Wall Street titans envy toilet paper producers, and so on. But trust us, there's a bunch of really weird changes you haven't heard about.

Take a look:

In some religions, you can't pay respect to the dead. In Judaism, friends and relatives visit the close family of the deceased for a week, bringing fo
Source: Vox

Hair dye is flying off the shelves. In March 14 to 21, 2020, people bought almost 20% more hair dye than during the same week in 2019. It's probably b
Source: NPR

It's a better time than ever to be a fluencer. nlyttans ign up to make money and interact with your fan Sign Up / Login with Twitter Pornfluencers, pe
Source: Wired

Companies are paying people to take oil from them. Because of the global lockdown, we're using a lot less oil while producing as much of it as we used
Source: CNN
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