26 Common Food Misconceptions

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Considering that we literally have to eat to stay alive, you'd think people would have a really solid understanding of food. But as it turns out, we are still making a ton of mistakes, or believing weird incorrect things, about foods, cooking, and eating.

So we asked readers to break some myths and misconceptions about the things we cook and eat.


CRACKED COM Don't Use cubes of cheese when making cheese SAUCe; make sure it's shredded. Using cubes of cheese risks the sauce burning in the time tha

Entry by Kalli

DA won't ruin your cast iron pans. With repeated use and proper care, cast iron cookware will build up a non-stick finish that won't require soap to c


Stop using room temperature butter when you're making a pie crust! Handling room temperature butter could start warming the dough, which results in th

YOU DON'T NEED TO SOAK LENTILS BEFORE COOKING THEM. Cooks soak beans to eliminate gas-producing compounds that cause bloating and flatulence. But lent

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

If you can still see blood or pink juices on your chicken, it's not done. Even overcooked chicken can sometimes have blood on it. The bones of young

Entry by Fermosalua3

Some of the most delicious recipes call for garlic but you should never add it to hot oil. When chopped into tiny pieces, garlic burns easily, leaving

Entry by LAJL

Don't just leave your vegetables on the table after boiling them. Shock them with cold water instead. This stops the cooking process, letting them ret

Entry by dmfr56

Don't wash chicken before cooking it! Water splashing from the chicken will spread bacteria all over the place. Just cook it as it is. GRACKEDOON

Entry by LAJL

When searing meat, avoid overcrowding the pan. That will trap the steam and prevent browning. Leave some space SO that the steam can circulate properl


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Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Adding milk to your scrambled egg doesn't actually improve it in any way. In fact, you'll dilute its taste and give it a rubbery texture. CRACKED CO C

Entry by LAJL

Do not immediately cut cooked meat. Let it rest for a while. This gives the juices time to redistribute and make it tender and juicy. Rule of thumb: F


When cooking with a nonstick pan, don't use cooking spray. Aside from oil, cooking sprays also contain lecithin, an emulsifier that could build up on


CRACKEDC For a more flavorful cup of coffee, don't use a coarse grind. The finer, the better. A finer grind means an overall greater surface area, whi


For a mouth-watering, velvety cheesecake, bake it in a water bath. Because water boils and evaporates at 212, the cheesecake will never get hotter tha

Entry by K. Haeg

If you're storing your vegetables in air-tight plastic bags in an attempt to increase their shelf life, you are actually accomplishing the opposite. V


When seasoning steak, you need to add more than what your gut tells you. You are only seasoning the surface of the steak, not the whole steak itself,

Entry by Ann Jimenez

Cooking with extra virgin olive oil on high-heat as you would with any kind of oil is a mistake. Extra virgin olive oil has a lower smoke point than o

Entry by DingDongKun

Pressure cooking does not destroy vitamins. In fact, out of all major cooking methods, pressure cooking retains vitamins the most. Boiling destroys up


When you're making lasagna, always make sure that the first layer is sauce, not noodle. Noodles on the bottom tend to get stuck to the pan, making ser

Entry by WhiteCells

Don't store basil leaves in the fridge. Keep them fresh by treating them like a bouquet of flowers. Trim the last inch off the stems, place them in a

Entry by Wyrmologist

Eat your sushi upside down. The correct way to eat this kind of sushi is to have the fish side be the one that touches your tongue. GRAGKEDDa

Entry by K. Haeg

Storing your fruit together in the same bowl has a certain aesthetic appeal. However, this is likely causing your fruit to spoil faster. A number of f

Entry by PookieJones

Never store tomatoes in the fridge. They lose their flavor when their temperature drops below 50F. CRACKEDOON


Don't use spoons to stir sauce or soup as it cooks. The spoon's pointy tip makes it less effective in stirring the bottom part of the pan. To have an

Entry by Michael Voll

When adding spices, don't confuse chile powder with chili powder. jillo Chile CHILI Powder POWDER OAK TO 3161251201 Chile powder has only one ingredie