24 In-The-Weeds Facts About Celebs

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Celebrities get a ton of attention and adulation, we're not here to dispute that. The thing is, sometimes there's an objectively interesting or amazing thing about a famous person, that gets completely missed.

So we did a little digging and found some super interesting, lesser-known facts about well-known people.

Entry by PandaPoo

CRACKEDGOM KOBE BRYANT spoke several Tual languages. akrs In addition to his native English, the former NBA star was fluent in Italian and Spanish. He

Entry by Mike Bedard

CRACKEDCON JAMES FRANCO can't stay away from college. Franco has spent well over 127 hours in institutions of higher learning. He's studied arts at Co

Entry by eleanorigby

HEDY LAMARR made WiFi possible. Lamarr was a big-name actress in Golden Age Hollywood. She was also an amateur inventor. She came up with an idea for


ROWDY RODDY PIPER could really play the bagpipes. It wasn't just part of his wrestling persona- Piper was a real piper from a very young age. And, b

Entry by EmceeN

The Pitch Perfect actress attended law school in her native Australia, which allows her to negotiate her own movie deals. REBEL WILSON is a qualified

Entry by GregJohnston

MIKE ROWE is an opera singer. You've seen him work dirty jobs on Discovery Channel, but have you heard him sing? People attending the Baltimore Opera

Entry by AM Smiley

CRACKED co COM MAYIM BIALIK is a neuroscientist. Just like her character in The Big Bang Theory, Bialik has a doctorate on the mushy goo inside your s

Entry by Aeracryon

GEORGE THE ANIMAL STEELE used to be a schoolteacher. If you are into wrestling, you knew The Animal as, well, an animal. But out of the ring, he ha

Entry by bigryan81

JERRY LEWIS was a filmmaking innovator. While making his first movie as a director, Lewis had the idea of mounting a video camera next to the film cam

Entry by Sksmith

CRACKEDGOM DEXTER HOLLAND is a molecular biologist. The Offspring's singer put his studies on hold when band took off, but finally got his PhD in 2017


CRACKEDcO COM ASHTON KUTCHER majored in biochemical engineering. Unlike... well, most of his characters, Kutcher had the brains to pursue a biochem de

Entry by ETangonan

KEN JEONG is a doctor. The Community actor has an MD from the University of North Carolina, and is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Calif

Entry by Marcos0822

We learned in Thelma & Louise that she can fire a gun, but did you know that she can also shoot an arrow, and tried out for the U.S. Olympic team? GEE

Entry by AM Smiley

NATALIE PORTMAN is a published scientist. Portman has a degree in psychology from Harvard, and has been published twice in scientific journals. She's

Entry by Marcos0822

CRACKED COM BRIAN MAY is an astrophysicist. Queen's lead guitarist got his PhD in 2007. He also served as chancellor of a research university in Liver

Entry by ChevySpoons

24 In-The-Weeds Facts About Celebs


PATRICK DEMPSEY is a racecar driver. Driving isn't exactly brain surgery, like his character used to perform in K Grey's Anatomy. Still, not every dri

Entry by PandaPoo

CRACKEDcO SHAQUILLE 'NEAL is a Doctor of Education. You'd better start calling him Doctor Shaq. In 2012, he got his degree at Barry University in Miam

Entry by ReverendSpork

CRACKEDCOr SORRELL BOOKE was a true overachiever. Before becoming Boss Hogg in The Dukes of Hazzard, Booke got degrees from both Columbia and Yale. He

Entry by Sksmith

Mutombo came from The Congo with a scholarship to become a doctor. It was coach John Thompson who recruited him to play basketball. He ended up becomi


NOLAN GOULD graduated From high school at 13. While his character in Modern Family was going through school, Gould was ready to take college courses,


KANE is a mayor in Tennessee. Glenn Jacobs, known in the ring as Kane, now wrestles in a tougher arena- -politics. In 2018, he was elected mayor of Kn

Entry by ALosophy

CRACKEDcO R DOLPH LUNDGREN is a chemical engineer. Who says brains and brawn can't go together? In addition to his martial arts prowess, Lundgren got


1000000 ABICDE F 12000000 CDEF 000000 BC dret KESHA had a SAT score of 1500. Back in school, Kesha scored a nearly-perfect 1500 on her SAT. However, s