Garbage Trends From 2019 That Need To Die

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Congratulations, we made it through another year. But as we prepare to throw 2019 out of a skyscraper window, it's fitting to reflect on the hottest trends from the past year. Specifically, we need to reflect on how stupid they were. And we need to resolve to weed out the garbage ones and start fresh in 2020.

Trends like:

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Let's make it our 2020 goal to put an end to fast fashion. It's pretty well-documented at this point that the planet can't keep up with our rapid chan


The time of CRACKED COM OK boomr needs to come to an end. Like troll, hipster, bot, and millennial before it, it's a term that at one time meant somet

Entry by Scott Laffey

What the hell is APROYK MRK with selling dirty shoes and calling them distressed? Why the f*ck are people paying hundreds of dollars to look like th

Entry by Phighter

Face tattoos are growing in popularity. aby' OS OS. 006 OS Famous musicians such as Post Malone and Justin Bieber have inspired the trend, and you wil

Entry by PollyDarton

Seriously, guys? Scrunchies? Their renaissance is baffling to anyone who was around when they were worn the first time because they were dorky AF. Not

Gender- reveal parties need to be permanently canceled. They're not just dangerous and a transparent gift-grab by parents, but they also reinforce tir

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Stop turning cats vegan. Veganism is on the rise, but it's a bad idea to feed cats vegan food. Cats have pointy teeth because they eat meat. Trying to

Entry by instantlyreal

CBD oil can be helpful for people suffering from certain health conditions. But the trend of adding it to random products like hair pomade or toothpic

Entry by Busteq

Eyebrow CRACKEDco slits COM belongtothe'90s. Let them remain there.

Entry by instantlyreal

Stop adding activated charcoal to random foods! CRAGKEDON

Entry by Busteq

Nobody cares about your Spotify playlists. Spotify 2019 WRAPPED TOP ARTISTS TOP SONGS Danzig Godless Megadeth Holy Wars...The Pu.. Shai Hulud Mother D


It's time we cancel all of our subscription boxes. There's even one for Coca-Cola INSIDERS CocaCola THE CO. INSIDERS CLUB Aside from the preposterous

Entry by K. Haeg

As of July 2019, nearly 200,000 Americans have registered emotional support animals, up from only 2,400 in 2011. CCRACKEDCON Service dogs are one thin

Entry by PollyDarton

I'M Gonna tel my kids this was Queen Elizabeth. GONNA TELL MY KIDS... 5.625 1:50 PM-Nov 19.2019 that this was a 960 people are taking about this dumb


INDNOY Can we stop acting like having an introwerted personality is interesting? FASHAON INTROVERT GUIDE Hoodie helps you Highly visible 9o incegnito

Entry by Phighter

Stop reposting uncensored offensive content on social media to show you're upset. Sensitive Content This photo contains sensitive content which some p


Taking cheap shots at Greta Thunberg. When you've been nominated for a Nobel Prize and named Time's Person of the Year before the age of 18... then yo

Entry by Wyrmologist

Instagram Makeup a.k.a. that cosmetic mash-up of eyebrows on fleek, orange contours, and matte lipstick which is trending enough ooo to create a c

Entry by Busteq

Crocs were always a terrible idea... arianagrande 168.5 millones sequidores but matching them with SOCKS needs to die right now. GRAU

Entry by Giovenna

STOP remaking CLASSIC BLOCKBUSTER films that are difficult to improve upon. Disney LIONKING THE START remaking CRAPPY films that could have been GREAT


CRACKEDcO 2019 needs to be the last year that people use the fad diet of intermittent fasting. 12 10 2 3 8 4 5 6 A registered dietitian writing for Sh

Entry by YappyDoo

STOP MAKING OVERFED PETS FUNNY. I AIN'T FAT BOI FEED ME I'M EASY TO SEE Your pet isn't a 'chonker' or a 'unit', they're obese and need help. CRACKED C

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

Let 2020 be a year without #NoNut November. kOL NUT AME MILLENNIUM LAND OOE RANT NUT LAND Masturbation is harmless. You don't need some anti-science b

Entry by Megamind18

Those annoying DIY videos need to go down the dumpster. Watching these spam videos is a serious waste of time and most of the hacks don't actually wor

Entry by femshep87

INFLUENCER I can't be the only person who's tired of hearing about influencers. Nobody cares what you think about sunscreen, Karen. CRACKEDOON

Entry by scandata

CRAGKED COM Mercury Freddie 17:13 to CT Reacts Vocal... 12:49 Teacher Live URST TIME HEARING Stairway I Voice Mercury To Led Heaven Zeppelin Satori My

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Mukbang videos have taken off globally... and have overstayed their welcome. These videos feature a streamer gorging on a huge amount of food in one s

Entry by LAJL

Unicorn colored food doesn't look appetizing. It looks like Willy Wonka's worst night- mare and we all need to wake up. CRAGKEDON