18 Fads That Wound Up Being Deadly

Have you ever seen someone dressed so oddly that you wished a plane engine would fall on them to end their depressing existence? (Shut up, yes you have because that's the only way this introduction will work.) Anyway. It turns out that once upon a time, peoples' fashion choices would, you know, actually murder them.

If you're having a hard time following, you're in luck. We asked our readers to go back in time and show us some of these trends, and gave money to the winner. (And the person after, and the person after -- actually we paid out to more than 50 percent of the entries.)

Entry by woweewow

TT 8 In the early 1900's, celluloid was all the rage, replacing genuine ivorya tortoiseshell in various accessories such as hair combs. Unfortunately,


Factory workers used to decorate clocks using radium-based paint. knowledge 12 However. it would soon lead There was no to deaths. about the deadly ef

Entry by somedaddy78

CRAGKEDcO Higly fashionable for men in the 19th century, the detachable high collar, Also known as the Father Killer was a tightly fitting collar wo

Entry by somedaddy78

CRACKED Practiced for over 1000 years in China, the tradition of foot binding was where women would break the bones in their feet and wrap them tightl

Entry by Michael Voll

In the early 19th Century one of the most popular dyes was Scheele's Green. This vibrant green coloring was used in almost everything, from dresses

Entry by gicusudoru

CRACKEDOON By the end of the 18th century muslin was the fabric of choice for elegant ladies. The fabric designed for hot days in India wasn't well su

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED.CON From the 1890s to 1980s, train crashes had been a massive draw of spectators in publicity events. Trains and rails would be rigged to forc

Entry by Danzy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there were 58 reported deaths caused by car- surfing between 1990 and 2008.

Entry by mkad

You may notice CRACKED COM that Queen Elizabeth I's paintings, and those of most of her female contemporaries, have ghostly, pale white faces. Upper-c


ARSENIC EATERS People in Styrya (now a region of Austria) would deliberately ingest arsenic on a regular basis 33 AS Arsenic 74.92160 They did this to


In the 1920s it became fashionable for people sit on poles for extended periods of time, usually as part of a publicity stunt for a business or fair.

Entry by Giovenna

Always think twice about when or where you are going to take a SELFIE Mirror trying to her death after to take Teen plunges 30ft SELFIE top of railway

Entry by somedaddy78

CRACKED.cO CON CE P S0 HC MON BY N Rdn hdho S OPEN DY NIOHT. Dance Marathons were all the rage in the pre-depression 1920's. This fad, where the kids

Entry by gicusudoru

he New and Improved- Eye Brow and Eye Lash Dye LfsH In the 1930s a simple eye Luure makeup could be deadly. Lash ure Lure, a mascara made with paraphe

Entry by filenotfound

In 1799 a new and dangerous fad started to take hold in Jolly Old England (which wasn't so jolly after all) where young and impressionable people star

Entry by Scott Laffey

Tanning beds, introduced in the late 70's, have since grown to a $3 BILLION a year industry. The FDA has warned that the UV lamps used in the beds inc


Chopines, CRACKED or shoes on little raised platforms, originally served the very practical purpose of keeping the wearer's feet out of mud and filth

Entry by mkad

Mokomokai are the preserved and ornamented heads saved by the Maori people in New Zealand to remember their ancestors. When 19th century Britain found