13 Ridiculous Excuses Celebs Used To Get Out Of Stuff

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Human beings are notoriously lazy, and famous people are no exception. The only difference is, they tend to be a little more creative and shameless in their ploys to weasel out of work. Just left and right, celebrities are using outlandish excuses to get out of civic duties, regular jobs, and even that fancy thing they do for a living.

For example ...

Entry by ERRiley

CRaCKED COM Lauryn Hill has a great excuse for showing up late to her concerts. In 2016, Hill took to Facebook to let her fans know that when she is l

Funny man Harold Ramis avoided the Vietnam war draft by taking meth right before his physical. trxe He also checked every single psychological disorde

Entry by masta_X

In order to avoid jail-time, Jimi Hendrix enlisted in the Army after repeated arrests. Later, he deliberately got himself discharged by pretending to

Entry by Kalli

CRACKEDCO COM Folk singer Arlo Guthrie was rejected by the draft because of a previous arrest for littering And if you have about twenty minutes, you

Entry by PookieJones

Michael Jackson once cancelled a concert due to dehydration.

Entry by ERRiley

After a life changing accident in 1999, Stephen King decided to quit publishing. His excuse? I've killed enough of the world's trees. Luckily for fa

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED CON According to his brother Noel, Liam Gallagher pulled out from a 1996 Oasis tour at the very last minute because his wife called and asked

Entry by wonderfloam

The BOB NEWHART Show Comedy legend Bob Newhart started out as an accountant but was so bad at the job he used to take money out of his own pocket to m

Entry by Kristina Yong

CRACKED COM When Iggy Azalea unexpectedly cancelled her entire Great Escape tour in 2015, she blamed it on having a creative change of heart and pra

Entry by Andrea Meno

An upcoming appearance on James Corden's show wasn't enough to get Neil Patrick Harris out of jury duty. Only family responsibilities would excuse him

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Douglas Adams CRACKED COM was paid seven years in advance to write a book called Starship Titanic. Nearing his deadline, Adams decided to create a vid

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13 Ridiculous Excuses Celebs Used To Get Out Of Stuff

Entry by Andrea Meno

At one point on the Street Fighter shoot, the producers warned writer-director Steven de Souza he was six days behind schedule. SIRE FIGHER To avoid h