16 'Reporters' Who Crossed The Line (For A Story)

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The press definitely isn't the enemy of the people, but sometimes they can be a real nuisance. And we're not just talking about paparazzi following celebrities into the bathroom. Disturbingly often, reporters, photographers, and other otherwise sane journalists will throw ethics and safety concerns completely out the window, in the interest of getting that scoop.

For example ...

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKEDc COM While taking photographs, two paparazzi trapped Maria Shriver and her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in their car by boxing it in with t


CRACKEDC COM Investigative jouralist Donal Macintyre got a Chelsea tattoo SO he courld gJo uindercover for a piece on footballl hooligans! The pain wa


CRACKEDOOM Russian journalist, Arkady Babchenko, faked his murder so that he could investigate the people who were actually trying to murder him.


16 'Reporters' Who Crossed The Line (For A Story)

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKED COM Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a master of disguise. He posed as a mental ward patient, albino body parts smuggler, and once, a rock-n the Rock, an

Entry by Kalli

CRACKED COM THEODORE C FREEMAN When he learned that astronaut Ted Freeman had been killed in a plane crash, Houston Chronicle reporter James Schefter

When Tori Spelling was pregnant with her third child, a photographer followed her as she tried to drop her kids off at school. When he chased HeR up t

Entry by Hestutomo

Tara Brown, an Australian 60 Minutes scorrespondent, involved herself in a CRAU parental abduction. The abduction was broadcast live as a news show. B

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 2013, paparazzi in two cars cut off Chris Brown's car and came out to take pictures. He backed away, but then two more cars cut him off, and he Cra

Entry by Hestutomo

Frank Smith faked insanity to get inside Kankakee Mental Asylum and lived through hell. He found that all the patients drank unsafe water using the sa

Entry by Hestutomo

D Anna Erelle romanced an ISIS commander to get inside stories. Erelle wrote about radicalization among Parisian youths by creating a fake social medi

Entry by LAJL

In 2010, Italian journalist Carmelo Abbate went undercover for 20 days as the boyfriend of gay Vatican priests. He managed to discreetly record three

Entry by Andrea Meno

When Halle Berry was in a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend over their daughter Nahla, paparazzi would ambush Nahla.. PRE. A POST. HOST They'd ask

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Investigative journalist Tessa Mayes broke the law and put herself in danger for a scoop. In 2009, she faked an ID to get hired in a brothel and bough

Entry by Andrea Meno

When Reese Witherspoon wouldn't let photographer Todd Wallace take pictures of her kid's birthday party at a theme park, he got desperate. He ended up

Entry by PookieJones

Eric Ford wiretapped a phone conversation between then-married Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and sold it to The Globe. They sued him, and he got six m