Becoming a superstar can make you crazy wealthy, but that also means dealing with thousands of obsessed fans and weirdos on a regular basis. Consider the following reporters, who have all crossed the line in different very surprising ways!

The press is not the enemy of the people, but it may be a great annoyance at times. We're not just talking about the paparazzi following celebs into the restroom. In the interest of getting that scoop, reporters, photographers, and other otherwise reasonable journalists will frequently throw ethics and safety concerns out the window.

We're talking about journalists that faked their own murders, reporters who have disguised themselves as patients in psychiatric wards, journalists who have groped actresses and even stalked pregnant stars.  It turns out some people will do ANYTHING to get their scoop.

Scroll down for some truly wild examples of reporters who absolutely crossed the line. We couldn't believe some of these. For instance...

Entry by Karen Jones

CRACKED COM THEODORE C FREEMAN When he learned that astronaut Ted Freeman had been killed in a plane crash, Houston Chronicle reporter James Schefter

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 2013, paparazzi in two cars cut off Chris Brown's car and came out to take pictures. He backed away, but then two more cars cut him off, and he Cra

Entry by Andrea Meno

When Reese Witherspoon wouldn't let photographer Todd Wallace take pictures of her kid's birthday party at a theme park, he got desperate. He ended up

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