15 Popular Websites as Understood by Future Historians

Look, if any traces of the old internet survive at all into the distant future, we're going to look pretty stupid. We asked you to show us the ways future historians will misunderstand our most popular websites, and in some cases understand them better than we can. We offered $100 to the winner, here's what we got:


GRACKED.OON Like The Like button was introduced by Facebook in the early 21st century to provide a communal voting method for determining which chil

Entry by MrWilson

ORAGKEDO amazon.com and you're done. Demise of the Rainforest During the early part of the 21st century exploitation of the Amazon Rainforest accelera

Entry by AM Smiley

Worth' 1000 Effects Photography Writing Illustration Multin All Worth1000 Galleries Home Contests Galleries Tutorials Forums Chat Hall of Fam In the e

Entry by HaywireLiar

facebook Facebook was a popular social media tool in the 21st Century believed to be used primarily for self-incrimination. Handy features like real n

Entry by HaywireLiar

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CRACKEDO Megalomaniacats  6.1 Cat Coding Cont. Before being domesticated, cats invented the internet as a photo album storage facility. Key Sites Mayi

15 Popular Websites as Understood by Future Historians

Entry by HaywireLiar

October 6, 2010 Instagram.com Instagram 2010, also known as the Dark Age of Photography, is cited as a sharp decline in photographic capabilities.

Entry by johnli27

GRACKED CONT Communication in the 21st Century From the very limited historical documents we have discovered, we noted that communication back then Wa

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Ancient Literature 101 Dankrupt (adj.)- to be out of marijuand moobs (n.) - A combination of the words 'man' and boobs.' lispian (n.) male with a sp

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Mysteries of the 21st Century Who was Craig? Why did he make a list? Reply CSZ-361170572S7pss.craieslist.ore flag C7 - miscategorized prohibited spam

Entry by AhmedJaber

2Z.FE3.4013E THE DAILY NOVA 21 MYSTERIES QZ OF THE V E Wikipedia Did Ancient Humans possess a lost technology to alter the universe? find out on page

CRACKEDCON Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall Of '07 Pugs d the ONION America's Finest News Source We apologize wholeheartedly 10 any In lowners 2007 d

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Ealhy Iotenvet Iuage Searcl Google: Used for general searches. Google Web Imanes Mans Shoon Wsnos More Seanth tol Bing: Strictly used for porn. YEEVIP

Entry by GallopGhost

CRACKEDCO CON EXHIBIT #47 PEOPLE OF PEOPLE OF WALMART WALMART NEWEST PHOTOS This early 21st century repository February 199 2013 SMACKIN' of images