Look, if any traces of the old internet survive at all into the distant future, we're going to look pretty stupid. We asked you to show us the ways future historians will misunderstand our most popular websites, and in some cases understand them better than we can. We offered $100 to the winner, here's what we got:

Entry by AM Smiley

Worth' 1000 Effects Photography Writing Illustration Multin All Worth1000 Galleries Home Contests Galleries Tutorials Forums Chat Hall of Fam In the e

Entry by johnli27

GRACKED CONT Communication in the 21st Century From the very limited historical documents we have discovered, we noted that communication back then Wa

Entry by AhmedJaber

2Z.FE3.4013E THE DAILY NOVA 21 MYSTERIES QZ OF THE V E Wikipedia Did Ancient Humans possess a lost technology to alter the universe? find out on page

Entry by GallopGhost

CRACKEDCO CON EXHIBIT #47 PEOPLE OF PEOPLE OF WALMART WALMART NEWEST PHOTOS This early 21st century repository February 199 2013 SMACKIN' of images

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